Sleek MakeUp ‘Power Plump Lip Crayon’ Review

I would love to be able to describe my lips as full or large but I have really thin little lips. I’ve thought about having lip fillers in the past but I’m too scared to try them. I’m not scared it will hurt, but I know that if I have them I will either love them and need to keep them up, or I will hate them and have to put up with them until they subside. No, fillers aren’t for me – which means that I am a sucker for trying any cosmetics that claim to give me a little lip boost. As such I’m really glad to receive this Sleek Lip Crayon in June’s Glossybox which claims to make your lips look bigger. My Glossybox card says:

“Nothing is more satisfying than drawing the perfect colour. This pretty shade contains a lip-tingling ingredient which encourages blood to the surface of lips, making them look plumper.”

This is a full size 3.6g lip Crayon in the shade Colossal Coral. The crayon is also available in Fuchsia, Notorious Nude, Raving Rouge, Berry Burst & Power Pink. The best price I could find for this online today is £5.49 from, where there is currently a 3 for 2 promotion on selected Sleek products.

The crayon is a black coloured chunky pencil, with a plastic tip in the colour of the shade on the end. The shade name and size is recorded in white text near the end. The brand and product are printed on the pencil, but also in black writing which makes it quite hard to see. The lip has a sticker on it which says the crayon is produced in China, and has the company contact address.

Ingredients: microstalline wax, polybutene, ethylhexyl palmitate, tridecyl trimellitate, hydrogenated polysobutene, isopropyl myristate, mineral oil, ceresin, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, caprylic/capric triglyceride, menthone glycerin acetal, vanillyl butyl ether, phenoxyethanol. 

The crayon has a chunky nib, which will make this a lovely pencil to use for great coverage, but I’ll need to be a little more careful if I want precision. Swatching the colour on the back of my hand I’m happy that the co,our is a little lighter than it looks on the packaging. The shade is a really soft coral colour, quite light and perfect for Summer. 

I would usually prime my lips by applying primer and concealer, to give them a neutral canvas and really make the colour pop. I, not doing that today as I don’t want to put a barrier between my skin and the lip crayon. I begin with my lower lip before applying the lip liner to my upper lip. I’ve decided to go all out with this lip crayon and see what it can do, so I then fill in my lips with the crayon, the chunky size means I can do this really quickly.

After a few minutes I can feel the lip crayon making my lips tingle. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not uncomfortable – if anything I feel quite excited because I can feel it working. Despite being able to feel the crayon making my lips tingle my lips don’t look any bigger, although they feel more pouty. I do like the colour though, I don’t have a lipstick that is this colour and my lipsticks are usually a lot darker so this crayon could make a nice change. 

Overall this is a decent lip crayon at a good price, but I think their key selling benefit is a little gimmicky as it didn’t increase the size of my pout. I won’t be buying anymore of these crayons as I prefer a smaller pencil with a fine point, but this one won’t go to waste as I will use it as a lip colour. 

Bellápierre ‘Shimmer Powder’ Review

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with shimmery cosmetics so I thought I would stick with the glitter one more time. This sparkly powder is included im June’s Look Fantastic, my Look Fantastic booklet says:

“This  loose shimmer powder is beautiful to use as a highlighter on the cheekbones, the Cupids Bow and on the inner corner of the eyes to highlight and accentuate your features. The irredescent sheen is perfect for all skin tones and will leave you wi a gleaming radiance.”

My Look Fantastic booklet calls this “Shimmer Highlighter”, but most websites list is as “Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow”. I’m just going to keep it simple and call the article “Shimmer Powder”, but I’ll be using it as a highlighter. This is a full size 2.35g pot of powder in the shade Excite, which is a white irredescent shade. The powder can be bought for £10.39 from with free delivery. The powder is available in a range of 56 shades, which span the colours of the rainbow.

The shimmer powder is packaged in a clear plastic jar with a black shiny lid. The Bellápierre branding is on top of the lid in silver. Underneath the lid is a sticker with the shade name, and ingredients (above). It also contains the company contact information and the place of manufacture (USA). 

Unscrewing the lid I can see there’s a little piece of plastic holding the powder in, but with holes in the centre to shake out a little powder when required. I don’t know why but I find I make more mess with these shakers than I do just dipping my brush into the loose powder and tapping. A little of the loose powder has made its way through the holes, and I can see that it’s very shimmery.

Rubbing a little powder on to the back of my wrist I’m seriously impressed how pearlescent and shiny this gorgeous powder comes out. I hardly have to use any powder to create the shimmer you see above, this is packed with light.

I decided to apply the powder to my cheekbone first. I wouldn’t normally use such a small brush to apply highlighter to my cheeks, but my oh my can you see the trail of light following the brush? It looks like a shooting star. The reason for using such a small brush is to show how the powder would look when applied with a smaller brush. As the powder is also an eyeshadow but isn’t a colour I wanted to do an eyeshadow look with, I wanted to show how much colour you could get out of these little pots.

I applied the powder to my brow bone – again a lovely bright glow followed behind the brush. I really did find it very easy to create highlight that popped – it was very eye catching and exactly what I look for from a highlight. 

It’s safe to say I loved this powder, and yes I have already spotted some incredible looking colours online that I want. Freeze is a bright, light blue which looks like it has a green tone to its sparkle, and yes I really want it. The only thing I can’t quite agree with myself on is whether any single eyeshadow, regardless of how good it is, is worth £10+. Im not sure, and ultimately I think the pricing may put me off getting loads of these – although I might add a few shades to my birthday list! 

Bellápierre ‘Glowing Palette’ Review

I’m sure that most beauty boxes really look forward to the moment they announce their sneak peeks on social media so they can watch the flurry of likes, shares and comments as subscribers start to get excited about their next months box, but I imagine this is especially true for Cohorted’s sneak peek for their June box. This Bellápierre palette really is the star of June’s Cohorted, and is not an item I ever expected to receive in a beauty box. Also, have I mentioned I love highlighters? I am such a fan of shimmery irredescent makeup, so this really is right up my street. The Cohorted booklet says:

“Illuminators draw attention to and bring forward any areas of the face where emphasis is desired. This Glowing Palette contains six illuminator options to suit a wide range of skin tones. Formulated with natural ingredients, these illuminator melt seamlessly into the skin and can be layered, whether the goal is natural or dramatic look.”

Cohorted have featured Bellápierre as their brand discovery this month, which means they write up a little about the brand. They say:

“Bella Pierres mineral makeup is part of their all natural cosmetics line. The mineral makeup gives you an amazing look, while it enhances the health of your skin. Bella Pierre have great mineral makeup, for your lips, eyes, and your entire face. Enjoy all the great features, provided by the best mineral makeup in the industry. Bella Pierre manufacture and product all of our mineral makeup. This means they can constantly shift their attention to the latest in mineral makeup trends. They produce the best mineral makeup, which coincides with the hottest beauty trends and provides customers with a professional mineral makeup appearance. Professional, because their mineral cosmetics give you a subtle look, which enhances the natural beauty of your face.”

This is a full size Glowing Palette, which contains 6 different highlighting shades. The total weight is 17.28g. The best price I could find this for sale was where it is £32, with free delivery.

I’m going to try really hard not to constantly compare this to the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Glow Kits, but there are lots of similarities which I think I ought to mention. To start with the palette is a similar size to the ABH palettes, and also comes packaged within an outer sleeve. The front of the sleeve has a picture of a beautifully highlighted model on the left, and the 100% Natural Minerals benefit is displayed at the bottom of the picture in white text on a black background. A shiny gold line divides left from right, and the right side of the sleeve has a pewter coloured background. The brand is written in gold writing, the product in white writing, and the shades are displayed at the bottom.

The back of the sleeve is also divided in two parts. This time he left side is pewter, and the brand and product names are repeated in the same colour scheme as on the front of the palette. The shades are shown again, this time a little larger, and this time the shades also show their names. The ingredients are also displayed in white text on a black background (photo above), along with the company contact information and place of manufacture (PRC – China). Again, a gold line divides left from right, and this time the right side has a cream coloured background. There is a little description at the top which echoes what was written in the Cohorted booklet, and it’s translated in French. Application instructions are also recorded which I’ll come back to later.

Inside the sleev the palette is much more simplistic, and I prefer this look. The colourscheme reflects that of the sleeve and has a pewter coloured background, and the brand is displayed in shiny gold text. The product name is written underneath in white writing, and the shades are represented as colourful circles below.

The back of the palette is also much less cluttered than the sleeve, and again displays the shades and their names. It also repeats the ingredients, company contact information and place of manufacture.

The palette itself is cardboard, like the ABH palettes, and the ends are magnetised so that the palette closes, and stays closed after use. Inside the lid of the palette is a decent sized mirror, which gives a really nice view for makeup.

Looking specifically at the shades, there is a good mix of colours and tones. The colours used remind me a little of the colours used in the ABH & Nicole Guerriero Palette, which I am obsessed with, but there are a few differences between the two.

It took a few rubs to swatch up these colours. The shades are quite subtle, but after three – four applications I built up enough colour to show off the tones of the highlight. I swatched the palette starting top left, bottom left, top middle, bottom middle, top right, bottom right. Working down my arm starting from the top swatch, here is each shade in a little more detail:

Moonshine: This shade looks like a light purple or lilac colour in the pan, but on my skin it looks almost white. It’s cool, which is a lovely contrast to the other very light shade in the palette.

Beam: This shade looks ivory in the pan, but on skin the lovely warm tones of this highlight come out and glow almost a soft gold colour.

Stellar: This incredibly soft baby pink colour is so light it’s barely pink, which is perfect for creating a sheen with a subtle hint of colour.

Amorous: I really love this shade. This is also pink, but whereas it looks a little like dusty rose in the pan on skin it’s a really bright, colourful mid pink colour.

Glimmer: This is another one of my favourite shades, it looks like a soft fawn colour in the pan but on skin it is a bright shade of gold.

Gilt: Gilt is the darkest shade in the pan, and swatches a beautiful bronze colour. Gilt also took the least amount of swatches to build up a colour sample that can be seen.

Application: Gently sweep on to any areas you want to emphasise. The areas of the face that illuminator said are typically applied to are the highest points of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, along the Cupid’s bow, underneath the brow bone, and to the inner corners or the eyes.

I do my makeup in a bay window, so whilst it should be really well lit from all sides I seem to get enormously varying photos of each side of my face. Both of the photos above were taken at the same time, and I’m wearing exactly the same makeup in both of them, but the position of the Sun has led to the disparity which I’ll talk you through below. From the palette I’m wearing the shade Amorous on my cheekbones. Of course, these shades can be mixed together but I’m a huge fan of pink and I just wanted to try it out. The photo on the right is a good representation of the colour, and the photo on the left is a good representation of the highlight. The highlight is actually quite subtle, I had to apply, and apply, and apply to build up the glow you see in that photo but after a few layers I was lit and very happy with the finish.

This is a very beautiful palette and I feel very lucky to have recieved it. I think it would make an excellent highlighter palette for someone who likes a natural look as it goes on quite subtle, but is buildable. This also makes it a good day/work highlighter. It has a really great variety of shades and tones – some warm, some cool, some pinks, some golds – all shimmery and all beautiful. I’ve compared this a few times to ABH Glow Kits and if you’re trying to decide between the two I think both are excellent, but the ABH has more pow if that’s your thing. I get the same amount of highlight from one application of the ABH palette as I do from 3-4 of this one, and I love intense highlight so for me I prefer ABH. Despite my comparisons this is a highlighting palette in its own right, and as such there is room in my makeup collection for both palettes to be used regularly. For me, I’m going to use this Bellápierre palette for work, and keep my ABH for evening.

This is the last item from June’s Cohorted box to review. To see what I thought of the box overall, whether I had value for money, and what my favourite item should were click here!

Manna Kadar Cosmetics ‘Sheer Glo Illuminator’ Review

After six months of receiving multiple beauty box subscriptions, I’m starting to notice the some brands are really taking advantage of the customer base they can attract by including products in a monthly beauty box. One such brand is Manna Kadar Cosmetics. I had never heard of them before I recieved their HD Powder in April’s Birchbox, and they are very difficult to find in the UK, but fast forward two months and I’ve recieved this illuminator from their range in June’s Glossybox. I adore shimmery makeup. I love powders, creams, face highlighters, eyeshadows – you name it and if it shimmers the chances are that I will love it. Not all shimmery cosmetics are created equal, and some deliver far more light than others so I hope this will dazzle. My Glossybox card says:

“Who would say no to a little more glow? This is like liquid light when dotted along cheekbones. Or, blend it with your usual foundation to create a dewier look.”

This is a 20ml tube of illuminator. My Glossybox card doesn’t list this as a full size item, but this is the only size I can find for the Glo online, including on the Manna Kadar website. The illuminator is quite hard to find online, but is available to buy from where it is $29.00. Based on today’s exchange rate that’s £22.77. Remember, if you are buying from the UK you will also need to pay postage and tax. A cheaper way to get your hands on this if you like it is to try a selling platform like eBay or Amazon – just be really careful if you buy from them. Things to consider are opened/used items being sold as new, fake items which look the same but contain a different formula, slow delivery, or no delivery at all – the list goes on but looking at the sellers feedback, or messaging the seller can help you decide whether you want to trust that what you think you’re buying is what you’re going to get.  Remember, if it looks to good to be true it probably is. 

The illuminator is packaged in a frosted clear tube to show the shimmery pink of the liquid inside. The tube has a glossy white lid. The front of the tube has the word Glo in beautiful gold/bronze writing, and contains the brand and weight in white text. The back of the tube has the company contact details, and place of manufacture (China). It also says:

“An incondescent liquid that lights up skin with oil over radiance. Mix with foundation or wear alone – great for all skin types to provide a natural luminous glow. Use on face and/or body to create a youthful glow and illumising sinish – sheer genius”. 

The tube has a precision nozzle to help apply highlight to just key areas, but it’s easy to squeeze out a lot more if you want to. I squeeze out a little blob on the back of my hand – at first glance it looks very pink and I’m concerned about how I’m going to work this into my makeup. 

As I start to spread out the illuminator it really comes to life. The more I spread it, the more it starts to shine in the light, and the paler the pink colour becomes. That tiny little blob of illuminator was enough to cover my entire hand in shimmer – a little really does go a long way. 

For Use With Foundation. I have oily skin, so I seem to spend my entire life mattifying my makeup. The thought of creating a dewy look has just never entered my head due to my constant battle with shine. But, I have three highlighters to try this month so I wanted to do something different with this one as it’s a liquid and I think will be the most versatile. 

I’m starting by mixing one pump of my foundation, with a little squirt of Glo. I’ve shown them separately in the photo to show the proportions, but I gave them a good mix before I applied it to my face so I didn’t end up with any patchy areas. The foundation I’m using is Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin, and I’m using shade 250 Fresh Beige, and my foundation brush is from Boots No.7. 

I primed my face using Benefit That Gal Primer, filled my eyebrows using the Sport FX pencil I received in April’s Glossybox, and applied a teenie bit of Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach under my eyes to help even out the colour, before applying my foundation/illuminator mix with my foundation brush. I use the foundation brush to distribute the liquid fairly evenly, and then I blend it using the Nanshy blender I recieved in March’s Roccabox. The above photo shows the result without any powder or concealer, etc. 

I think the result is really striking – and whilst I like to appreciate it in a photo I know that if I wore it out I’d be forever fighting the urge to mattify myself with some powder. If you feel like me you could also try layering the Glo on top of the primer and below the foundation to create a more subtle look, or you could just mix a little Glo with foundation on areas you want to highlight later. 

For Use As A Highlighter: As I mentioned above I’m not really one for dewy skin, but I am one for blinding highlighter in key places on my face and body. 

To create a flash of light on my cheekbones, I dotted a little Glo along the cheekbone and used my finger to blend it. I’ve applied the Glo on top of the already glowing foundation mix I described above, but it can also be used on top of a matte look to highlight key areas. What I love about this illuminator over and above other liquid illuminator I have tried is how blendable it is. Very often when I try liquid highlight it leaves a water mark on top of the make up, so yes there is a lovely shiny light but it also appears to have a border. This blends seamlessly so it looks more like a powder on the skin, but it packs the punch that a liquid can deliver. I love the glow I’ve created on my cheekbone, but if it’s not enough you can add powder highlight over the top of this to take it to another level. 

I really, really like this liquid highlighter – but I don’t like it £22 + shipping and taxes. I got stung with taxes buying makeup from the US before, and I’m a little wary of importing makeup now. I really hope that Manna Kadar Cosmetics start to move more into the UK market, and that that’s why they have been in a couple of boxes recently, as I’d definitely buy this again with reduced shipping costs. I intend to use this under my powder highlighter to really give me an incredible highlight, every time I want to dazzle and shine.

Bloomtown Botanicals ‘Roll-on Infused Oil’ Review

I’m not a huge oil person, which I think is as a result of having oily skin. I’ve spent most of my teenage and adult years looking for ways to control oil production, especially on my face and scalp, so adding oil seems like a bizarre concept for me. That said, I have changed my view on hair oils quite a lot after being sent some truly spectacular her oils in beauty boxes this year, including Kevin Murphy ‘Young Again’ from March’s Roccabox, and System Professional ‘Solar Sun Oil’ from May’s Look Fantastic – both of which I love. Whilst I’m unsure about this Bloomtown Botanicals in June’s Roccabox I’m going to give it a go and keep an open mind. My Roccabox booklet says:

“This dinky handbag-sized oil fragrance makes us all tick in so many ways. A delectable summery fragrance that’s reminiscent of English country gardens; a long-lastingscent that has serious linger-power even in the hottest summer days (that’s the magic of an oil, rather than a spray perfume) and an essential oil/vitamin e blend that makes it the perfect antidote to dry skin. We even sometimes use it on our split ends. Say hello to your new favourite on-the-go product.”

This is a full size 4.8g jar of infused oil, in the scent The Rose Garden. The oil is also available in 5 other scents, including The Woods, The Meadow, The Hedgerow, The Grove & The Cafe. The oils are avilabale from for £4.80, and you can receive 20% off your first order with the code ROCCA20. 

The oil is packaged in a clear glass jar with a white shiny lid. The jar has a sticker around it which has the Bloomtown Botanicals brand name, and a flash of pink details to support the rose scent. The back has the company contact details, and place of manufacture (Cornwall, UK). The packaging has quite a home made feel about it, its functional and cute if you like that sort of thing. I usually prefer something a little more slick and polished, but even though the packaging isn’t to my taste it’s quite simple and inoffensive.

Ingredients: prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil, sesamum indicum (sesame) oil, limnathes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, parfum, vitamin e (tocopheryl acetate), benzyl alcohol, benzyl salicylate, citronellol, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, limonene, linalool, alpha-isomethyl ionene. 

As Fragrance: This is the first time I’ve tried a roll-on oil as a source of perfume. As I’m sure you’ve guessed this smells like roses, but it’s not a false rose smell like Turkish Delight, its fresh and very, very sweet smelling. I roll a little oil on to my wrists, inner elbows, neck and behind my ears, and I’m amazed at how fragranced the oil is. I confess, I thought it was going to be a huge disappointment I that it wouldn’t deliver enough frangrace for me, but I was completely wrong – this packs a punch. One drawback of using oil is that it doesn’t evaporate like a spray so I noticed my wrists in particular were oily after use. But, one major benefit of using oil over spray is that I can top up at my desk in work. I work in an air conditioned office with many other people, some of whom have health conditions which means spraying in the office can make the environment uncomfortable, or hazardous. I do not have to worry about such considerations with this oil as it is not a spray, and is perfect for a quick scent touch up. 

To Combat Dryness: I tried this oil two ways – on dry skin and on the ends of my hair which are also dry. I found the results to be very similar regardless of whether it was used on skin or hair. Immediately after the application I found an improvement I the area – my skin seems more hydrated and the ends of my hair seemed softer and smoother. Long term however I didn’t notice an improvement, each time I applied the oil I seemed to be in the same condition as I was the previous day. 

Overall, I really like the concept of this oil, and I’m going to keep this in my handbag and continue to use it to freshen up throughout the day in work. I don’t think I’ll repurchase this as I think I’ll be fed up of smelling like roses by the time I get to the end of the jar (I usually like to wear a different smelling perfume each day). I am going to look into alternative roll on perfume products as for me it seems like the perfect solution to smelling great and being considerate of my friends and colleagues. 

This is the last item that I tried from June’s Roccabox. I’ve updated my unboxing article with my overall thoughts on June’s Roccabox, whether it was good value for money and what my favourite items were. You can find the article by clicking here:

Monu ‘Rosewood Reviving Mist’ Review

I first tried the brand Monu last month when I recieved a face mask from their range in May’s Roccabox, (review: and I absolutely loved it. As for a reviving mist – I’ve heard of it before but it’s not something I’ve ever looked and felt that I wanted to buy. I’m really looking forward to finding out if I’ve been missing out, and I’m very glad to have recieved this mist in June’s Look Fantastic so I can put it to the test. The Look Fantastic booklet says:

“This lightweight facial mist contains a nourishing blend of lemon, rosewood and sandalwood to refresh the skin and revive fatigued completions in need of a little energy boost. You can even use it o fix your makeup on warm, summer days!”

This is a 40ml sample of revitalising spray. Full size, the spray sells in 180ml bottles and is available for £19.95 from Based on the price of the full size spray, this spray is 11p per ml, which means the sample is worth approximately £4.43. 

Thebosray is packaged in a white bottle with a clear plastic cap and spray nozzle. The front of the bottle has an olive green stripe of colour, with the brand name running through it in white text. The product name is printed in black writing on the front. Rotating the bottle clockwise the bottle advises there is no animal testing, and displays the company contact details and place of manufacture (UK). The ingredients are also listed (see photo above). 

Rotating the bottle again the product explains that it’s paraben free, and warns to avoid contact with eyes. 

Directions: Close eyes and spray evenly over the face from 30cm. Alternatively, use to refresh and lightly fragrance the body. It is also perfect to fix makeup by lightly spraying the face. 

It is ridiculously hot this week (which I love, Summer is my favourite season) so it seems the perfect time to test this little beauty. The first time I try it is as a refreshing spritz on clean, in-made skin. I notice immediately the invigorating scent of the spray – I can smell the lemon but I can also smell herbs. The fragrance is instantly refreshing but light and short lived. The second thing I notice is the cool, refreshing feel of the spray on my skin. It’s only a few droplets of mist but combined with short, sharp hit of fragrance it really makes me feel awake and invigorated. 

I also tried using the spray to set my makeup. My experience was very similar to what I described above, but I’m not sure if it prolonged my makeup. 

I am going to keep using this spray until the sample has finished. It’s a nice spray – I’m going to use it on hot days to feel cooler, in the morning to wake me up and I’ll keep using it on top of makeup but I won’t buy more of it is because I don’t think I really need it. There’s quite a lot in the bottle so if I change my mind before it runs out and seeing it having a permanent role in my skincare routine I’ll come back and update this article, but I don’t think it’s likely. Monu have made the spray really well and I don’t have any criticisms of it except that I just don’t think I need it. 

111 Skin ‘Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel’ Review

At the start of the year I received quite a few eye creams, and I’m still using the OOlution Eye Love cream that I recieved in March’s Glossybox (Review: Three Glossyboxes later, and June also delivers me and eye cream, but this one seems very different to the OOlution cream. My Glossybox card says:

“This is one of the most luxurious eye products out there. It does everything you want an eye gel to do; reducing the appearance of dark circles, minimising puffiness and softening he appearance of fine lines, all while keeping the eye area hydrated. Use your ring finger to gently apply it around the orbital bone.”

This is a 5ml sample of the eye gel. Full size, this gel sells in 15ml bottles which are available for £110 from Until 15.07.15 you can enjoy 20% off this price on the website using code GLOSSYBOX20. I like to cost my items based on their full price value, meaning this eye gel is £7.33 per ml, or £36.67 for the sample. 

The eye gel is packaged in a maroon bottle with a shiny silver lid. On the front of the bottle in white writing is the brand, and product. It also mentions the Harley Street Clinic in London. The back of the bottle names Dr. Y Alexandrides MD, and lists the ingredients (above), place of manufacture (China), and company contact information. 

Directions: Gently apply to the delicate area around the eye. Use day and night. 

If you got one of these in your Glossybox and it doesn’t squirt – neither did mine. I rotated the nozzle, shook it, bashed it really hard and finally believing it was empty unscrewed the bottle to check. There was a clear/milky coloured gel inside, and although I would have preferred to squirt it out I was happy to make do dabbing it under my eyes, but it turns out my tinkering accidentally fixed it. I squeezed out a little of the clear/milky coloured gel and inhaled the scent. Unusually for an eye gel it is fragranced and smells a little powdery and flowery, like a perfume. The fragrance is light and fades quite quickly. I don’t mind as it’s such a delicate area I don’t want to use something overly fragranced which may irritate my skin or eyes.

One squirt seems to release a lot of gel – and this stuff is expensive so one squirt can be used for both eyes. I tried a squirt per eye at first, but there was so much product it didn’t absorb properly. I dabbed the gel around my orbital bone, and gently started to pat back and forth along the area to disperse the cream. The gel is very, very cooling – which feels incredible in the unusually hot weather we’re lucky enough to be having at the moment. When I share one pump between both of my eyes I cover the area well, but the gel sinks in quickly. I don’t notice a visible difference compared to the oOlution, but my eye area feels lifted and tighter (but not uncomfortable). 

I am really enjoying trying this 111 Skin eye gel, and I’m happy with the results, but it’s not something that will become a regular in my skin care routine. For me, the cost is a little steep and the results aren’t dramatic enough to justify the price tag. I’m going to enjoy using every drop of this sample, and I’m very grateful to Glossybox and 111 Skin for the opportunity to try it. 

Bellápierre ‘Kiss Proof Lip Créme’ Review

Bellápierre is everywhere in beauty boxes this month, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive two ‘Kiss Proof Lip Créme’s’. The really good news for me is I had two different shades – one from June’s Cohorted, and one from June’s Roccabox. As only the shade is different I’ve decided to review them both together. The Roccabox booklet says:

“In our quest to find the perfect nude lip (is anyone not on that quest??) we stumbled across this. And boy are we glad we did. This liquid lippy goes on creamy but sets to a long-lashing and seriously Insta-worthy finish. Did we mention it’s the perfect shade of nude?”

The Cohorted booklet says:

“Bellápierre Kiss Proof lLip Crémes are full coverage, high impact liquid lipsticks that last for hours without the need for touch up. Their creamy formula goes on smoothly and dries to a beautiful matte finish in a snap!)

These are both full size, 3.8g liquid lipsticks. I have the shades Antique Pink and Incognito, but the lip créme is also available in the shades: Orchid, Doe, Rose Petal, Hibiscus, Vivacious, Hothead, 40’s Red, Black Dahlia, Nude, Brown Shell, Coral Stone & Muddy Rose. The cheapest I found the lip créme for sale today is £16.95 + delivery from 

The lip créme is packaged in a black box, and one end of the box is coloured to reflect the shade choice. The front of the box displays the brand, product and shade names in shiny silver writing. Rotating the box clockwise and the company contact information and place of manufacture (P.R.C. (China) ) are written in white writing. 

On the back of the box are the ingredients – see photo above.

The final side of the box has the instructions. 

Inside the box the lip créme is packaged in a clear plastic tube with a glossy black lid. The company name is printed in shiny silver writing, and the product is noted in black text. The back of the lip créme repeats the ingredients, company contact information and place of manufacture. 

Directions: With lips slightly parted, draw lip outline with applicator tip. Then, fill in space with smooth, thin layer. 

Unscrewing the lip crémes the first thing I notice is the scent of the product. They smell like blueberry muffins, they are gorgeous to smell. There is a really long applicator wand, and I can see that it is completely covered in liquid for a thorough coat. 

Switching the shades on my arm I’m surprised that the Antique Rose looks much darker than the Incognito – I would not have expected that from the boxes. I like both shades however, they seem quite neutral and easy to wear for a number of looks. 

Following the same order as throughout I’ve painted my top lip with the Antique Rose shade, and the bottom lip with Incognito. Both shades are really pigmented and delivery an enormous amount of colour to my lips – no one could ever accuse this of being subtle or wishes washy. Looking at the shade chart these shades both seem quite tame compared to some of the others that are available, so if they deliver this much colour I would love to see how the really bold shades swatch. 

The lip créme itself is really easy to apply. The liquid glides on to lips with ease, it’s not sticky or tacky. I used these lip crémes a few times before writing about them and they really don’t need a lip liner. You can line if you want to, but using the créme itself is totally sufficient as it’s packed full of colour. All I would say is take it slow around the outside, as the brush is full its really easy to wobble over the lip line in unintended spots, and as the lipstick is so pigmented it’s really obvious. I went around my lip line with makeup remover on a cotton wool bud very carefully afterwards, or if you are worried about your foundation you could run a little concealer around the edge to smoothen out the lines too (although be warned – this lipstick will stay in place longer than the concealer). 

If you get excited after applying the lip créme and start trying to drink etc. straight away this colour won’t last and will peel off into a mess. This also happened when I tried to apply multiple coats on a very hot day. I found that if I applied one coat, and gave the créme 5-10 minutes to dry the colour would last for hours. And I don’t just mean kiss proof. I put the lipstick on yesterday, and it survived the following: 

Taking my husband out for lunch. If you’re thinking salad or soup oh no, he wanted a carvery. It survived a beef dinner. 

Having a cup of tea and a chat with my father-in-law. Yes, I made a mess on the cup but remarkably my lipstick was still on.

Walking the Cliffs in the beautiful (and very hot sunshine) whilst eating an ice cream. I lost a lot of my makeup during that walk, but my lipstick was still fine.

In fact, it didn’t start to look like it needed topping up until after I’d cooked and eaten my evening meal. 

As with all lipsticks with staying power, you can feel it coating your lips, and it’s not a sensation that everyone will enjoy. If you don’t like the feeling you could try moisturising with a really good lip balm before applying the lip créme, but be sure to remove completely any excess balm before applying the créme otherwise it won’t stay. I use Blistex ‘Daily Defense Lip Conditioner’. Alternatively, you could apply a gloss over the top of the créme when it’s dry. The gloss will help your lips to slip over each other, which may make it feel a little less dry on your skin. 

Overall I am very happy with these Bellápierre lip crémes. I love the colours, they are lovely to use and they last really well. I need a little more practise at applying them inside the lines, but I enjoy using them so much I’m sure I’ll quickly get the hang of it. 

Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex Mascara’ Review

Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara is one of the most loved and well known mascaras on the Internet, and naturally I was overjoyed to receive this in June’s Cohorted box. I have actually tried this mascara before, I received it originally in a Glossybox in 2016 but I haven’t reviewed it before so I wanted to take a look at it with fresh eyes and write it up. My Cohorted booklet says:

“The ‘Better Than Sex mascara’ and all your desires for lush, incredibly intense lashes will be fulfilled. One application of our collagen-fuelled formula and touch of our specially shaped brush will leave you begging for more. One coat and lashes are full, defined and stretched to unbelievable lengths. Two coats and they’re reaching unbelievable heights of drama. Three coats and you’ll believe in magic.”

This is a travel size 4.8g mascara available for £12.50 from with free delivery. The mascara is also available in an 8g full size version, which is available for £18.50 from, also with free delivery. 

The mascara is packaged in a shiny pink and gold box. The front of the box had the brand and product name, and boasts some of the mascaras properties. There is a before and after photo, and the packaging claims 1944% more volume. The box also boasts results of a consumer study, which claims 100% participants saw dramatic volume, 100% saw longer lashes, and 90% saw a dramatic look with one coat. The information is repeated on the back of the box in French. The side of the box lists the company contact details and place of manufacture (Italy). There is a little write up about the mascara which says:

“Our Hourglass-Shaoed Brush was designed after discovering the bust-waist-hip ratio of an iconic silver screen Blonde Bombshell held the secret to the preferct brush silhouette that seperates, coats and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection. One coat of the carbon black, collagen-fuelled formula and lashes are full, defined and stitched to unbelievable lengths.”

Ingredients: water/Aqua/eat, synthetic beeswax, paraffin, glyceryl stearate, acacia Senegal gum, butylene glycol, oryza sativa (rice) bran wax, stearin acid, palmitic acid, poly ute England, VP/eicosene copolymer, cera carnauba/copernicia cerifera (carnauba) wax/cire de carnauba, aminomethyl propanol, phenoxyethanol, glycerin, ethylhexylglycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, disodium EDTA, polyester-11, PVP, cellulose, trimethylpentanediol/adipic acid/glycerin crosspolymer, propylene glycol, acacia senegal gum extract, potassium sorbate, dextran, acetyl hexapeptide-1. 

The mascara is packaged in a shiny pink tube, with the brand and product name written in black writing. 

The back of the mascara reappears the company contact information, and place of manufacture. 

Unscrewing the cap of the mascara reveals the hour-shaped brush that was described on the packaging, and I’m glad to see that it’s saturated product. The wand isn’t very long, which is expected for a travel size item, however this does have some benefits as the application can be al little more precise. 

I curl my lashes using The Vintage Company Eyelash Curler (review here: and start to coat my eyelashes with masacara. When applying the mascara I start as close to the root of the hair as I can, and wiggle the wand as I run it along the length. 

After just one coat my lashes look longer and more defined. In the photo above I have applied the mascara to the eye on the left of the photo only. 

I repeated the process on the right eye too to finish the effect. If you want bigger volume, and bolder lashes a second or third coat can turn up the drama. 

I already knew before I started writing that I liked this mascara – I’ve used it before and I find it especially good for creating volume. The first ever time I tried it I found it didn’t live up to its name, but I found the formula got better after a few uses when it seemed to thicken just a little bit, and that made a huge difference to the overall result. For best results I like to use two different brands of mascara together, you could pair this with Doucce Maxlash Volumizer mascara (review: – the Doucce mascara will give incredible length, and this Too Faced mascara will really thicken lashes, without making them clumpy. 

Kérastase ‘Bodifying Shampoo’ Review

I hadn’t heard of the brand Kérastase before receiving this shampooo in June’s Look Fantastic box, and then out of the blue I spotted a lovely window display for the brand in Camden. I’ve been really keen to try this shampoo since spotting it out and about. I like to change my shampoo regularly, and I’m not really loyal to one brand of shampoo, there are a few that I like, so I’m hoping to add another to the list. My Look Fantastic booklet says:

“As one of the leading luxury haircare brands, Kérastase is at the forefront of innovation to deliver beautiful results to your hair. With a huge collection of shampooos, designed to cleanse, condition and protect your locks, which one will you discover in your Special Beauty box?”

This is an 80ml sample of the Bodifying Shampoo. Full size, the shampoo is available in 250ml bottles for £13 from with free delivery. It’s also available in a larger 500ml bottle for £20.85 from, also with free delivery. Based on the cheapest cost per ml the shampoo costs 4p per ml, meaning my sample is worth apprroximately £3.34. On the website there are currently 72 Kérastase shampoos for sale, so there is plenty of variety of Bodifying doesn’t seem up your street.

The shampoo is packaged in a cream/pale yellow bottle with a grey lid. The front of the bottle has the brand and product information, and has a lovely shiny gold coloured K in the centre to show off the brand. The back of the bottle has the ingredients (above photo), and has the company contact information and place of manufacture (Spain.) It also lists a L’Oreal address on the bottle, I wouldn’t have know the two brands were associated but it’s nice to know that this is part of a larger brand that I know so well.

Unscrewing the lid of the bottle, I breathe in the scent of the shampoo. It smells lovely and it’s fairly strong too, so as I started applying it to my hair the shower quickly became full of the lovely smell of the shampoo. The shampoo built up a lovely rich lather, and rinsed out easily. I conditioned as usual with Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner, applied my usual styling products and dried my hair.

After drying I’m really happy with my hair. One reason I love to change my shampoo so frequently is to prevent build, up, and I really feel like my hair has been refreshed. It’s soft and shiny, but not plasticky. I’m really looking forward to using the rest of this sample, but long term I don’t think I’ll buy the shampoo again as it’s a little pricey for day to day use for me. It’s a great shampoo, but there are plenty of alternative options which give me similar results for a fraction of the price. Still, I’m very glad to have tried it, thank you Look Fantastic and Kérastase.