Mane ‘n’ Tail ‘Shampoo & Conditioner’ Review

First Impressions.

It’s not often that I review two items from beauty boxes together, but then again I’ve never been lucky enough to get a shampoo and conditioner from the same range in a beauty box before. I want to try them both together to get the maximum benefits out of the brand. Whilst I change the brand of shampoo and conditioner I use regularly I am fond of sticking to one brand at a time, and I haven’t heard of Mane ‘n’ Tail before, it’s a really cute name and I’m looking forward to trying both of these items from Augusts Look Fantastic box.

The Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

“This cult US shampoo and conditioner used to be dedicated to pamper horses’ manes and tails, but since celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moore swore by it, it has become and essential in every girls’ bathroom. Your hair will be left smooth and swishing!”


I have received a 60 ml sample of shampoo, and a 60ml sample of conditioner. Full size, each item sells in 355ml bottles, and both are available for £4.99 each from Based on the full price of each product they are 1p per ml each, making each sample worth 84p. The value of the shampoo and conditioner samples together based on this price is £1.69.


The shampoo and conditioner have very similar packaging, and I quite like the look of it. They are packaged in a white bottle with a bright blue lid. The front of the bottle has a sticker with the brand written in blue, and the product. There is a lovely dark blue silhouette of horses galloping with an orange background, it invokes images of them riding off into the sunset for me. The whole presentation has a playful, Western theme.

The back of the bottles has a white sticker with blue writing. Each bottle has a description, and ingredients (below), the company contact information and place of manufacture (USA).

Directions – Shampoo.

Wet hair and apply shampoo. The amount used will vary depending on the volume and length of hair. Work through hair with fingertips, rinse and follow with conditioner.

Directions – Conditioner.

Massage conditioner into scalp and hair. The amount used will vary depending on the volume and length of hair. Let conditioner remain on hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse out, style as usual.

Formula – Shampoo.

Beginning with the shampoo I tip out a small amount on to my hand to start with. The shampoo is a pearlescent white colour, and holds together but is pourable. The shampoo smells lovely, it is light and fresh.

Formula – Conditioner.

I repeat the process with the conditioner, but the conditioner is thicker and harder to squeeze out. When I do squeeze it out it is a lovely bright shade of yellow in colour, and it smells very similar to the shampoo, light fresh and lovely.


I begin by shampooing my hair. The shampoo works easily into a good lather, and it feels rich and thick in my hair. After rinsing my hair feels really clean, and also feels free from buildup. I decide not to completely follow the instructions for the conditioner, my scalp is naturally oily and so I never apply conditioner to the top of my hair, but I do apply it to the ends. The conditioner is easy to work through my hair, but despite being a thick formula in my hand isn’t as rich and nourishing as I usual like in a conditioner. Afterwards my hair felt soft and smooth.


Overall I think this is a nice little haircare brand, which is fun and reasonable in price too. I’m not convinced by the conditioner, but I would definitely use the shampoo again.

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