Too Faced ‘Funfetti Eyeshadow Palette’ Review

First Impressions.

Take a list of my favourite things, put them together in one rectangular package and you have this Funfetti makeup palette from Augusts Look Incredible box. It’s pink, it’s cute, it’s an eyeshadow palette, and it’s from Too Faced who are notorious for their eyeshadows – I really couldn’t be more excited to try this. Cue big smiles and excited fast movements.

My Look Incredible Card Says:

“Packed full of pigment-rich colours that will encourage you to get creative with your look, the Too Faced Funfetti eyeshadow palette is essential for women who want to have fun. Mix and match from 12 matte and shimmer shades to celebrate in style.”


This is a full size 12 shadow palette. The palette seems quite old and is sold out most places but I did find it in stock for £38.90 at


The palette is contained in cardboard packaging, and is the most lovely shade of baby pink in colour. The front of the palette has a gold circle in the centre and has the brand and palette name on the front. There are gorgeous little confetti hearts printed falling from the top of the palette in various shades of pink and gold.

The back of the palette has the same lovely pink heart design, and at the bottom is printed the company contact details, and place of manufacture (China).

Opening the palette I can see that there are 12 shades with names. The palette also has a heart shaped mirror in the top half of the palette, and the lid is magnetised to ensure a snug closure.


There are 12 shades included in the palette altogether, working left to right across each row from the top down they are:

Feelin’ Good: This matte shade is the lightest in the palette, and would make a good base colour.

Life’s A Party: This is a shimmery lilac colour. It looks darker in the pan, but when swatches is packed with silvery shimmer.

Sequin: This purple shade is also shimmery, and is a little darker than Life’s A Party.

Over-Served: This is the darkest matte shade in the palette, and it a muddy brown colour with undertones of grey. Would be great for smokey eye.

Forever Young: This is a lovely peach toned matte shade which would make a nice transition shade.

Party Crasher: This is another matte shade which is chocolatey brown in colour.

Funfetti: This shade is shimmery and pink.

Girl Gang: This shade is a little lighter than Party Crasher, but the main difference is that this shade shimmers.

Pop, Fizz, Clink! This is a light matte shade with yellow undertones.

After Party: This shade is a shimmery gold colour.

You’re So Fancy: This matte shade is sort of a mid brown, somewhere in between Forever Young and Party Crasher.

All Nighter: This is the darkest shade in the palette, and look black but is infused with gold glitter.

I want to see how the shades look outside the pan, so I decide to swatch them up my arm starting with Feelin’ Good at my elbow and working in the same order as above to All Nighter at my wrist. The eyeshadows are really creamy, and I find it really easy to take the colour from the pan on to my arm. The colours are pigmented but aren’t so crazy pigmented that you have to be really cautious with the application, these have colour but are buildable and I prefer that. My favourite shade from the swatch is After Party, it’s such a stunning and vibrant gold colour I adore it.


Despite my favourite swatch shade being After Party I’ve decided not to use it in my trial of this palette as I always seem to do a neutral/gold eye makeup when I try a palette and I want to do something else. I prepare my eye area by applying Revlon Photoready Eye Primer and I set it by brushing Feelin’ Good over my lid and crease.

Next, using a fluffy brush I blend Forever Young along my crease, but also into the inner and outer part of my lid, leaving a little gap in the middle.

Using a different blending brush I repeat the process with You’re So Fancy, building up a stronger colour.

Finally, I apply Party Crasher to my inner and outer eyelid and crease, and blend using the blending brush I used previously. I stopped here, but if you want to make it even darker you could repeat using Overserved.

Next, I apply two lines of Sequin to the centre of my lid where I haven’t yet applied any eyeshadow, leaving a gap in the middle. If you don’t have much space inside where you applied your eyeshadow you could use concealer to set the colour back to neutral.

Using my finger I dab Life’s a Party in the centre of Sequin. You may find you need to use a brush to blend the two colours together a little bit so it doesn’t look striped, and in doing so you may need to go back and reapply a little more of one or the other shade as sometimes shimmers can lose their vibrancy when they are brushed about.

Finally, I use Funfetti under my lower lid and pop on some eyeliner. I’ve used Rimmel Glam Eyes.


Overall I’m really happy to have had this palette in the Look Incredible box. The quality of the makeup is excellent, and it’s not too over the top so I don’t feel self conscious wearing it to work. The palette isn’t cheap, and I don’t think I’d have ever bought it for myself, but in some ways that makes this even more special to me.

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