Sport FX ‘Time Out Face Mist’ Review

First Impressions.

I’ve had a Sport FX Eyeliner Duo in April’s Glossybox and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, so I’m coming into this review with not the best opinion of the brand. Saying that, there are plenty of brands out there where I don’t get on with a couple of products but I love the rest of the range, so I’m hoping this is one of those brands. I wouldn’t say I’m excited, but I’m definitely intrigued to try this Sport FX face mist from Augusts Glossybox,

My Glossybox Card Says:

“This British brand was designed to come to the rescue of gym-goers like us, and if it can withstand the gym, it can withstand the heat! This refreshing and soothing face mist works best as a replacement for your primer, keeping makeup in place and controlling oil while hydrating your skin. Mist onto face before applying foundation or over makeup to refresh (the menthol essence has a cooking effect.) it’s also vegan friendly.”


This is a full size 30ml bottle of face mist which is available for £5.99 from

External Packaging.

The spray comes packaged in a white box with black writing. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, I think it’s quite boring and I don’t think I’d pick it out in a shop, but luckily for me the great thing about beauty boxes is I get to try things I wouldn’t usually go for. The front of the box has the brand, product and size of the bottle.

Turning the box clockwise, the next face mentions the spray is handbag sized, and features a red slogan sweat smart, sweat sexy.

The back of the box has the company contact information, and place of manufacture (Italy). It also has a little description, it says:

“Time out mist and fix is a lightweight, breathable skin refresher, excellent for setting makeup. Use the duo-action formula to hydrate after a workout or to fix makeup firmly in place for a long-lasting finish. Refreshing soothing and toning action on the skin. Spray onto your face for instant refreshment and protection for makeup.”

The final side of the box has the ingredients (below), and a list of precautions.


The spray is packaged in a clear plastic bottle, with a black pump action sprayer. The brand and product are printed on the front in black writing.

The back of the bottle repeats the company contact information, place of manufacture and volume.


The mist is a clear liquid which is a similar consistency to water. The mist is lightly fragranced with menthol, but the smell disappears quickly.

Results – Primer.

I first tried this spray as suggested by Glossybox as a primer under foundation. The spray felt very cooling on my skin, and my makeup stayed in place after using it but I really missed some of the other benefits primers usually give me. For example, one benefit I look for in a primer is pore reduction to help give me a flawless collection, this spray definitely did not help me in this area.

Results – Fixing Spray.

I tried the spray as a refreshing mist, but I needed a few pumps to completely hit all of my skin as the sprayer seems to only cover a small area. The spray was cool, but the sensation didn’t last very long.


I think this spray is a really nice idea in principle, but in reality the brief fragrance reminds me of cold medicine, and I have to spray a lot to achieve the desired sensation. I prefer Monu Reviving Mist as a face mist, I think it smells better, feels better – in my opinion there is no comparison, I’m not sure I’m going to finish this sample, it just doesn’t do anything for me.

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