Paul Yacomine ‘Huile de Parfum’ Review

First Impressions.

If you’ve read a few of my blog posts you might have noticed a few things about me: I’m suspicious of products that claim to have loads of benefits. “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind and I find that they rarely excel at any of their benefits. I’m also not a fan of oily products. Having skin and hair that has a tendency to get quite oily on its own the thought of adding extra oil is alien to me. Saying that, I’ve used a Clarins body oil before on my legs and it was lovely, so I’m hoping this Paul Yacomine oil from Augusts Cohorted will be similar.

My Cohorted Booklet Says:

“Blended luxurious essential oils to repair, soften and nourish face, body, hair and nails for a light, silk texture, naturally pure for radiant health and beauty. Organic oils of ylang ylang, sweet orange, lemon and rosehip create soothing tropical floral notes. A luxuriant summer essential.”


This oil is out of stock everywhere I looked online – with the exception of a few offerings on eBay/Amazon. My bottle is 100ml, and the oil used to sell at for £28.00. If you like this oil and fancy purchasing it, do shop around and read the sellers reveiws. Remember that if something looks too good to be true it probably is. If you have any doubts ask questions, and if you still have doubts walk away.


The oil is packaged in a square glass bottle, and it looks rather like a bottle of aftershave. The brand and product are written on the front of the bottle in white writing.

The back of the bottle has the ingredients (below), company contact information and place of manufacture (France).


The oil is a pale yellow colour, and is quite thick like cooking oil. The oil is very fragrant, and smells natural, it reminds me of a spa. There are citrus notes, and woody notes, but after a while there is an undertone of muskiness that I don’t find pleasant.


The oil says that it can be used pretty much anywhere, but I’ve decided to apply it to my legs as they are about the only area of my body that need intense hydration. There aren’t any suggestions or instructions for use, so I just apply the oil to my legs after showering. The oil is quite thick, and my legs are slippery for hours after application, the oil still hasn’t completely sunk in by the time I went to bed. In the morning when I woke my legs felt amazing, my skin is so soft and smooth.


Overall I’m really happy with the results of this oil, and I’m going to continue to use it on my legs before bed to make them beautifully silky. Like term I’m not going to repurchase this – partly because it’s really hard to get hold of but partly because coconut oil gives me the same results (and it’s cheaper).

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