Korres ‘Body Milk’ Review

First Impressions.

I’ve not heard of the brand Korres before, but I am very familiar with body milk and I know there is a huge disparity between them. A good body lotion for me smells incredible – for me this makes such a difference to how I feel when I’m applying the lotion. It should also be smooth, not too greasy and easily absorbed. Finally, and most importantly, it should work and leave skin hydrated. I’m looking forward to trying this body milk from Augusts Look Fantastic box.

My Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

“Become the Greek Goddess you are with a Korres Moisturising Body Milk. Fitting perfectly in your beach bag to relieve skin after a lazy day in the sun, they are enriched with almond oil and active aloe making it perfect to use as an aftersun.”


This is a 40ml version of the moisturiser which is available for £3.00 from mankind.co.uk with free delivery. If you enjoy the body milk it is cheaper per ml to buy the larger 200ml tube which is £10. If you like free delivery it is available at that price from mankind.co.uk, or if you prefer an offer try feelunique.com where the body milk is currently on offer 2 for the price of 1, also at £10. I have received the body milk in the fragrance Bergamot Pear, the body milk is available in 14 other varieties.


The body milk is packaged in an upright plastic tube with a matte finish. The colour scheme is a mix of white, mint, green and burnt orange, and the brand and product name are printed on the front. It also states its 92.3% natural.

The back of the tube repeats the information in various languages. It also shows the ingredients (below), company contact address and place of manufacture (Greece).


Unscrewing the lid of the tube I squeeze out a little body milk on to my arm. The formula is white and thick, and it smells outstanding. It is sweet, fresh and floral – I adore the smell.


I start to rub the delicious smelling lotion into my skin. It’s smooth, light and absorbs very easily without being greasy. Afterwards my skin feels soft, and my skin is lightly fragranced for hours after application.


Overall I adore this body lotion. I think the £10 is quite expensive for a 200ml body lotion, but I really like the feel unique offer and I’m definitely going to take advantage of it before it expires.

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