MAC ‘Nail Lacquer’ Review

First Impressions.

MAC makeup is regarded by lots of beauty enthusiasts as makeup bag must haves, but as they have one of the most enormous makeup ranges I’ve never managed to choose one single item to start a MAC makeup collection with. As such this nail lacquer from Augusts Look Incredible is my first MAC item, and I feel it is a little bit special. I hope I’m not disappointed.

My Look Incredible Card Says:

“MAC Studio Nail Lacquer provides rich, opaque colour in three high gloss finishes: cream, pearl and glitter. A brand new formula, developed without toluene, formaldehyde or DBP and a new brush for smoother application.”


This is a full size 10ml nail lacquer in the shade Morange. The nail lacquer is available in 31 shades, although they seem mostly sold out on most websites. I didn’t find the shade I received in stock outside of eBay, but there are other shades available from for £10.

External Packaging.

The nail lacquer is packaged in a black box. The front of the box has the brand and product in white writing, and contains the size. There is also a cut out in the cardboard to show the colour of the polish within.

Turning the box clockwise, the next side has the ingredients listed (below.)

The back of the box contains fire safety information, the company contact address and place of manufacture (USA).

The final side of the box contains a simple bar code.


I think this is a really good looking nail polish. The polish is in a glass jar to show off the shade, and the brand and polish are on the front in black writing. The jar is narrower at the bottom of the jar than the top of the jar, and has a matte black lid. The lid smells like perfume, but I think this is more to do with how the polish has been stored rather than a design feature.

The back of the jar contains the same information as the back of the box.

Applicator & Formula.

The brush for this nail lacquer is actually quite short, but the bristles are a good size in comparison to the wand and it delivers a decent amount of polish on the brush. The formula is very similar to that of other nail polishes, but the colour is something else. It’s a bright, beautiful shade of orange but there is just a hint of pink in the shading. It’s not quite coral, it reminds me of something citrusy like a grapefruit. It’s a great summer shade.


I decide to apply two coats of the nail polish, and as I’m in a rush I don’t apply a base coat or top coat as I normally would. The formula goes on at a decent thickness, but I must confess I was worried it was looking streaky. I needn’t have worried, as the lacquer dried it evened out by itself on my nail and my nail finish was glossy with no streaks.


Overall I love this shade of nail polish, and I’m really happy with the formula too. There are some lovely shades still available to buy from the range, and I’m really keen to try some more. The bottles are a little smaller than some other brands at 10ml, but I’m okay with this as I tend to have to throw away nail polishes that have gone off rather than nail polishes that are empty, so this size may be better for me.

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