Valquer ‘Ice Hair Mask’ Review

First Impressions.

This hair mask was the only August Glossybox sneak peek item this month, besides the beautiful box design of course, and I’ve been intrigued and excited to get my hands on it since it was announced. I’ve tried plenty of hair masks in the past, but never one that calls itself Ice Mask.

The Glossybox Card Says:

“This one-of-a-kind energising hair mask has a cooling effect, which powers up the macadamia oil making it even better at hydrating and taming hair. After shampooing, switch out your everyday conditioner for this once or twice a week. Gently massage the mask into damp (but not soaking) hair and leave it to be absorbed for 3-5 minutes then rinse out with water.”


This is a 100ml sample of hair mask. Full size, the best price I could find the mask for sale in the U.K. Is 300ml for £14.99. I’ve also seen the mask for sale in 1,000ml bottles for sale outside the U.K. Based on the bottle I can buy the mask is 5p per ml, or £5.00 for the sample.


I love the packaging of this hair mask. The mask is packaged in a blue plastic bottle with a white plastic lid. There is a sticker on the front with a gold and royal blue pattern – it looks opulent and regal. The brand, product and volume are printed on the front of the bottle.

The back of the bottle has the ingredients listed (below), along with the company address, place of manufacture (Spain) and the brands cruelty free statement.


The mask opens by pushing the button on the lid, and then simply tipping and squeezing. I love the smell of the mask – it’s not a natural smell and it reminds me of Clearasil or Phytomer if you have tried either, but also has tones of spearmint or something fresh that’s similar. I squeeze out a little blob of hair mask, and I can see it’s a pale blue/green colour, rather like a duck egg. The formula is smooth and rich. Apologies for the quality of the photo below – the room was very steamy and it’s obscured the detail but the gist comes across.


I apply the mask to the ends of my hair first, and slowly work the formula up although I don’t apply it too close to the roots. My hair gets really tangly in the shower as it’s quite dry due to lightening and heat, but the mask works through my hair really easily and feels rich in my hair. I a, a little disappointed that I can’t feel the cold effect, but I leave it five minutes and rinse it off. Once I’ve rinsed my hair the cold effect really kicks in, and I’ve never felt anything like it – it’s unreal. My hair is cool, and even though I didn’t apply the mask to my scalp my scalp is cool. It’s a really pleasant sensation and I feel really refreshed. I decide not to blow dry my hair so I can enjoy the sensation for as long as possible, and when dry my hair is smooth and shiny.


I absolutely love this hair mask. It’s easy to use, it’s different but not different for the sake of being different it genuinely feels good. This stuff would be incredible to help cool down on a hot night and it’s completely coming abroad with me in future. Whilst i don’t really see scorching evenings in Wales which need me to cool down I’m still going to keep using this at home too as a weekly treat. I love, love, love it!

3 thoughts on “Valquer ‘Ice Hair Mask’ Review

  1. Niamh says:

    Love this hair mask, have really fine hair that needs taming and no product seems to be able to do that…until I tried this ! My hair has also being crazy all through my pregnancy & still is, so I need something that’s fast working. .. I feel like I could use this every day as ordinary or expensive conditioner just does not work for me. After use my hair feels soft, shiny & bouncy no heaviness to weigh it down will be purchasing a big bottle asap !

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