Apples & Bears ‘Body Wash’ Review

First Impressions.

I have never heard of the brand Apples and Bears before, but it's a such a cute brand name. For me, it conjures images of teddy bears picnics, and of course delicious juicy orchard fruit. Whilst a body wash might not be the first item one would expect to receive in a beauty box I really do love nothing more than a rich, luxurious, great smelling body wash, so I'm really looking forward to trying this one from Cohorted's August box.

My Cohorted Booklet Says:

"Harmonise your skins recovery from the stresses of daily life with our unique and Luxury Body Silk Collection. Choices from the fruity scented Pomegranate & Aloe Vera, gently uplifting Grapefruit & Seaweed, nourishing Honey & Hemp and antioxidant rich Bergamot and Green Tea. I fused with a blend of natural ingredients, our Luxury Body Silk Collection is a sensationally silky and luxurious body care experience. Blended with the finest natural organic fragrances and gentle aromas, our sensationally creamy Luxury Body Silk Collection revitalises and relaxes the senses, with abselutely no parabens or phthalates to be found. Our scientifically proven skin firming ingredients naturally boost the skins elasticity and firmness, while our nutrient rich mineral goodness hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin with a light, sheer and non-greasy formula."

Cohorted Brand Discovery.

"Apple & Bears is a family owned and operated, British company that produce luxury cosmetics made from the finest organic and natural ingredients. The formulas are created by a team of specialists dedicated in the field of natural and ecological products. The manufacturing process pursues ethical and social responsibility towards the environment. Each of the products are manufactured wholly in the United Kingdom and overseen by our head office in Wraysbury, England. When your values infuse everything you do, it isn't necessary to shout about them from your packaging. They believe that a refined and understated luxury is the highest mark of quality. The name is inspired by the qualities of nature that they admire. They chose Apple for its healthy skin and the organic goodness within and Bears for their ability to live in a natural rhythm without impacting their environment. The combination of Apples & Bears is a playful nod to our dedication to nature and a reminder that taking care of ourselves and our planet should be enjoyable."


This is a 50ml sample of body wash in the scent Grapefruit & Seaweed. The Cohorted booklet describes the other fragrances, which are available in 300ml and 500ml bottles. The cheapest I could find both bottles was, where the 300ml is £18, and the 500ml is slightly cheaper per ml at £25.00. Based on the lowest price, this is 5p per ml, or £2.50 for the sample.


I really like the packaging for this body wash, it reminds me of something I would find in an upmarket spa or hotel, and that is something which appeals to me. The body wash is contained in a white plastic bottle with a shiny silver cap. The brand name and logo are printed on the front in black writing, along with the volume, scent and place of manufacture (England).

The back of the bottle contains the ingredients (below), volume, and company website. The bottle also says it is not tested on animals.


Unscrewing the lid to the bottle I breathe in the scent of the body wash. I can smell the citrus tones in the aroma, although I doubt I would guess it was Grapefruit if I hadn't read it on the bottle. It smells a bit like washing up liquid to me. I tip out a little body wash on to my hand, and I have to say the consistency also reminds me of washing up liquid. It's a clear, pourable liquid with more viscosity than water, and it's a light yellow in colour.


I wet my skin, and started to rub some of the body wash over it to build up a lather. The wash foams up quite quickly, but I prefer more of a rich and thick lather from my body washes. My skin did feel clean and soft after showering.


I had really high hopes for this body wash. I love the brand philosophy, I love the packaging but for me the product itself is a bit of a let down.

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