Look Incredible Deluxe August 2017 Unboxing

Subscription Options.

I mentioned last month when I looked back at my Roccabox subscription that I didn't think it was working for me anymore, and I said I was looking to switch to a new subscription – well this is it! I've had my eye on a Look Incredible subscription for a while, but I've resisted going ahead with it as I already have one deluxe subscription from Cohorted, and I don't want to switch. I think Look Incredible really caught my eye when they included the TooFaced Cute Eyeshadow Collection, and whilst it's a pricier subscription I feel I can get more out of it so I'm giving it a go! This is the deluxe box which is £35 per month including postage, there is another box containing different items which is £25 per month including postage.

Box Design.

The Look Incredible box is black with a white spotty bow at the top left hand corner. The box is fastened with a box. In the centre of the box is the Look Incredible branding in gold writing. The box is rectangular like most other beauty boxes, but t lifts open with a magnetised flap like the Cohorted box, and resists following the lid design that most beauty boxes adopt.

Leaflets, Booklets & Cards.

I'm really pleased that Look Incredible include a product information card, which was included outside the box. The card is a double sided information card with a nice picture of a lovely sunny day on one side (shown in the photo above) and details of the items included on the other side. The card talks about each item, and costs each item, and it gives the total box value as £100. It sounds good to me, but I'll be checking this throughout the month.


The box contains a small amount of black shredded paper which the items sit on during transit to keep the, safe. I can see that one of the items has also been bubble wrapped to keep it extra secure.

Box Composition.

I have received 4 items in my box this month, and looking at the items I would guess that three are full size but I'll check as the month goes on. My box has three makeup items and one skincare item, even though it's very makeup heavy I'm very happy with the mix as I haven't had so much makeup in other boxes this month, so overall I feel quite balanced.

TooFaced – Lip Liner: I really don't have any TooFaced products, the only exception being the concealer I had in this months Cohorted box and haven't tried yet. The brand has a huge presence online, and I love the look of their stuff so I'm really excited to try this lip liner.

MAC – Nail Lacquer: Similarly, I didn't have any MAC items until getting a mascara from their range in this months Cohorted, and now receiving this nail lacquer I really couldn't be happier. MAC are well known for being great quality, and my nails have to go through a lot so I really hope this polish can keep up with them.

Kiehl- Powerful Strength Eye Brightening Concentrate: This magic elixir is said to reduce lines and the appearance of dark circles, which sounds exactly like something I need. I already have a few eye creams that I love so I'll be interested to see how this compares.

TooFaced – Funfetti Palette: I've never heard of this palette, but between you and me I nearly wet myself when I opened the bubble wrap and saw it looking up at me. I mentioned above that the TooFaced Cute Palette had caught my eye before I was a subscriber, but I didn't expect there to be another TooFaced palette included so soon. It's safe to say I'm very excited to try this.

First Impressions.

Earlier in the month I wasn't sure if I'd done the right thing by switching subscriptions as Roccabox have put out a brilliant box this month, and I was a bit worried this box wouldn't compete with it despite being more expensive. My worries were completely unfounded as my first Impressions of this box are amazing. Throughout the month I'll be trying everything, and writing a review on each item. Then, at the end of the month I'll leave my final thoughts on the box, what my favourite items were and whether I had value for money.

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