Model Launcher ‘Safari Sun Bronzer’ Review

First Impressions.

I mentioned during my unboxing post that this will be the third bronzer I've had in a beauty box over the last few months, although if you've read any of those posts you'll know that I'm quite inexperienced with bronzer, and I didn't get on with all of them. I'm really happy to receive this Model Launcher bronzer in Augusts Glossybox to see how it compares to the other two.

My Glossybox Card Says:

"Summer makeup isn't complete without the perfect bronzer. This talc-free, mineral-enriched formula looks as good on skin as it does on the compact. It's best when all the shades are swirled together then buffed over the face. You want to sweep it where the sun would naturally hit; cheek bones, the bridge of the nose then over the forehead and chin."


This is a full size 10g bronzer which I couldn't find for sale in the U.K. (with the exception of Glossybox cast offs selling on platforms like eBay and Amazon.) It does however sell in the US where is costs $27.00. Based on today's exchange rate that makes my bronzer worth £20.88.


From the outside the packaging looks pretty basic, but inoffensive. The bronzer is housed in a shiny black plastic compact, on the front of the compact is ML in white writing.

The back of the compact has a black sticker with the product name and ingredients (photo below). Interestingly, despite my Glossybox card saying this is talc-free talc is listed as an ingredient. The sticker also says it is not for sale, gives the batch and weight, company contact information and place of manufacture (China).


Lift the lid of this compact and that is where the magic happens. I can see straight away how the bronzer has its name, it is made up of three different pigments beautifully arranged in a leopard (or giraffe!) print pattern. I've never seen anything like it, and I'm massively impressed.

Swirling my finger along the powder the powder feels quite dry, but smooth and not grainy. I can also see that there are some shimmer particles in the formula. It takes me a few swirls to build up enough colour in a swatch to show up in a photograph, and devastatingly my finger switching has left a mark on the powder. I don't think my finger was damp, but that's the only thing I can think to explain it. Luckily, this mark goes after a day of not being used. The colour looks a little more orange than I expected from the pan, this bronzer and they do tend to swatch orange.


I feel confident after my switching that this isn't a highly pigmented bronzer and start applying it generously using a big fluffy powder brush. I applied a little more than I intended but I'm actually very happy with the result. It doesn't look orange, I do look more tanned and I have a lovely sheen where my cheekbone catches the light.


I have really enjoyed using this bronzer, although it is a shame it's not currently for sale in the U.K. (with the exception of the little flurry on eBay/Amazon). Saying that, it's a good size bronzer so it should last for ages – I'm definitely going to keep using it.

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