Lottie London ‘Balm Ball Lip Hydrator’ Review

First Impressions.

I've not heard of Lottie London before, but I do like a lip balm so I'm excited to try this Balm Ball that I received in Augusts Look Fantastic.

My Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

"Lottie London is an English brand that ticks all the boxes: cruelty free, vegan, powerfully pigmented and affordable. These Balm Balls are small but oh-so powerful! So say bye to dried and chapped lips in just one swipe!"


This is a full size 8g lip balm in the flavour Strawberry Shortcake. The balms are also available in the varieties Caramel Apple, and Cherry Pie. The varieties are available for £4.99 from Superdrug.com, where postage is free when you spend £10.


I absolutely love the design of this cute little lip balm. The balm is shaped like an egg. The bottom of the balm is a coral/pink colour plastic, and the top of the packaging is a clear but smokey plastic casing. The brand is written on the front in black writing, and there is an eye catching black and white banding that separates the coloured from the clear plastic.

Underneath the lip balm there is a tony white label which has the weight, the variety and company contact information.


I really like the closing mechanism for this little balm. To open it you have to twist and then lift the lid off, so the chances of it opening itself inside a handbag is non existent as it's securely locked in place. Without the lid in place I can see that the white balm is formed into a cone shape. The smell is incredible, I knew this was a strawberry flavour balm before I even checked the label as it smells sweet, fruity and delicious.


I rub the balm over my lips, the shape makes for really easy application. It doesn't take a lot of the balm to coat my lips and make them feel hydrated, but this isn't a thick greasy balm, it's light and smooth. I can smell the sweet strawberry scent lingering on my lips for a long time after application. My lips also feel soft, and hydrated.


I haven't got anything bad to say about this lip balm. I think it's a great price, it's unique, pretty, smells great and delivers excellent results. I really want to try the other two varieties, and as they are such good value I think I may pick some up very soon.

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