Cohorted August 2017 Unboxing

Subscription Options.

I expect different things from different subscription boxes, and my Cohorted subscription is my indulgent monthly treat. The box is £35 per month, and it includes postage and packaging.

Box Design.

The Cohorted box is different to other beauty boxes that are available. This box is black and square, and instead of having a separate lid lifts with a flap and ties at the front with a pretty clack ribbon.

Leaflets, Booklets and Cards.

Lifting the lid of the Cohorted box I can see the Cohorted booklet looking up at me. The booklet is 28 pages long, and discusses each item from the box in some detail. The first page of the booklet contains a letter from the Cohorted team explaining this months boxes philosophy is post sunshine pampering. The booklet also says the boxes value is £81, it sounds good to me but I'll check this as I try each of the items.


The box contains shredded, black tissue paper surrounding the items included. With some boxes the items are just plonked on top of tissue paper, but something I love about this box is how carefully each item is set into the paper so that the box keeps a beautiful form throughout transit.

Box Composition.

I have received 5 items in my box this month, and looking at the items I would guess that two or three are full size – although I will check this as I try each of the items. My box has one haircare item, two makeup items and two skincare items which is the perfect mix for me.

Chirp Body – Softnest Hair Mask: This is the second hair mask I've received this month and I approve wholeheartedly. I'm such a huge fan of trying different hair treats, I hope this can help my hair look shiny, silky and healthy afterwards.

Apple & Bears – Body Wash: I love the name of this cute little body wash. I find sometimes the most simple of items can give the most enjoyment, I hope this smells incredible and gives a rich luscious lather – as well as leaving my skin clean and soft.

TooFaced – Born This Way Concealer: This was this months sneak peek item, and all Cohortee's knew they would be receiving one in their box. I don't actually have a lot of TooFaced items, although I'm very familiar with their makeup line so I hope it can live up to the hype.

Paul Yacomine – Huile de Parfum: I'm not usually a huge fan of oils, but I have used a body oil before from Clarins which was fabulous for my legs, and this reminds me of that so I hope it is similar. It says it can be used for hair and face too, but I'm just going to try it on my body.

MAC – False Lash Extreme Mascara: I have a confession to make, I've never tried a MAC makeup item. As in, never. I have noticed how people love the range, so again I'm looking forward to seeing if this can live up to some pretty high expectations.

First Impressions.

I'm really happy with my Cohorted box this month. The boxes have been really makeup heavy for the last two months so I was surprised to see some different item types included, but the surprise is not a bad thing. I'll test the items throughout the month and write a review on each item. At the end of the month I'll write a final review for the box overall including my thoughts on the box, whether I felt it was good value for money, and what my favourite items are.

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