Dentyl Active ‘Mouthwash’ Review

First Impression.

I don't often give too much thought to the mouthwash I pick up for my family, but besides being important for healthy teeth and gums mouthwash also helps keep breathe clean and fresh. I've seen the Dentyl mouthwash I received in the Limited Edition Latest in Beauty Festivals Essentials box in the shops, and I'm really looking forward to trying it out.


This is a 100ml Travel Size version of the mouthwash in the flavour Smooth Mint. The mouthwash is also available in the variety Fresh Clove. The best price I could find to buy this was £1.50 from The mouthwash is also available in a larger 500ml bottle which is much cheaper per ml. The best price I found for it is £2.10 from


The mouthwash is packaged in a clear plastic bottle with a white cap. The bottle is in the shape of a triangle and has a triangle shaped sticker on the front. The sticker has the brand, product and some key benefits of the mouthwash, including that it is alcohol free.

The back of the bottle has a similar sized label attached. The label displays the ingredients (below), company contact information, place of manufacture (U.K.), and some precautions.


Must be shaken vigorously before use to mix and activate the advanced formula. Use twice daily. Do not dilute. For best results, do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after rinsing.


The liquid in the bottle is split into two different colours. The majority of the liquid is green, and there is a layer of blue liquid sitting on top. Giving the bottle a good shake the two liquids combine and form a sparkly, green coloured liquid. It's very pretty. The picture below is taken with a flash to show the reflective sparkling particles, but it makes the liquid look darker than it is. In reality the colour is light green and quite bright, very similar to the light green when the liquids are separate.


Some mouthwashes are so strong that they make eyes water, but this mouthwash is gentle and enjoyable. I swirled the mouthwash around my mouth, and enjoyed the fresh minty taste of the liquid. Despite not being overly strong my mouth felt cleansed and refreshed after use, and my breathe was fresh for a long time after use.


This is a fun and enjoyable mouthwash which is so much more than a quirky novelty. It's great value for money, gentle and very refreshing. I have really enjoyed using this sample, and I'm definitely going to keep using it instead of my current brand.

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