Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula ‘FlipBalm Ultra Lip Moisture’ Review

First Impressions.

I would consider myself a bit of a fan of Palmers Cocoa Butter products. They not only smell delicious, but I find them really nourishing for my skin. I didn't realise that the range was so vast to include lip balms, so it was lovely to receive this in the Limited Edition Latest in Beauty Festivals Essentials Box.


This is a full size 7g lip balm in the variety Ripe Mango. The lip balm is also available in Creamy Coconut and Juicy Watermelon. I'm very happy with the variety I've received as I have a thing for mangoes! The lip balms are widely available for £4.99, including from where delivery is free is you spend £10.

External Packaging.

The FlipBalm is packaged in external protective packaging, which doubles up as an eye catching information card and advertisement. The front of the packaging is clear plastic and right at the bottom I can see the FlipBalm snugly encased. The front of the packet has a white background and a very bright orange and brown colour scheme to match the Palmers branding. The Palmers branding is shown at the top of the packet, and the product, variety and some key benefits are listed.

The back of the packaging follows the same colour scheme, and also lists the ingredients (below), place of manufacture (USA), and company contact information. Palmers also state that they are against animal testing, and say this about their FlipBalm:

"Fun, flipping lip balm. Delivers incredible, long-lasting moisture while refreshing your lips with ripe mango. Natural moisturisers include pure cocoa butter and shea butter. Glides on smooth, locks in moisture."


The FlipBalm has to be the quirkiest, cutest and most unusual lip balm I have ever seen. The pot looks like a flower bud, it's bright orange and the Palmers brand is on the top of the lid.

Underneath the lip balm in tiny white writing is the brand, product, size and company contact information. The front of the lip balm has a little lip.

Using ones thumb or finger to lift the lip the lid of the balm swivels smoothly revealing the balm inside.

Once the balm has been completely revealed it clicks into place ready for use. Once done it can be swivelled back.


The first thing I do is smell the lip balm. I can smell both chocolate and mango, it reminds me of the smell of a strawberry cream in a box of Roses or Quality Street (I can't remember which one), but substitute the strawberry for an equally sweet Mango. I trace my finger gently over the top of the balm, it feels smooth like a marble and my finger has a lovely coating of balm on the tip. It's not a thick or greasy balm like Vaseline, it's quite thin and not too heavy, but can be built up if needs be.


I decide to apply the lip balm to my lips directly from the pot, erasing the need for my finger to play the middle man. The balm feels incredible on my lips, they feel instantly hydrated and smooth. My lips taste sweet like mango although I don't recommend eating it!


Overall this is an excellent lip balm which smells great, delivers incredible hydration and is a good price. I think the key thing with this lip balm which will decide whether you love it or loathe it will be the design. I have a feeling it might be a bit Marmite – I think one school of thought could be that it's cute, and another could be that it's unnecessary. Whatever your viewpoint, if you do try this you won't be disappointed with the results.

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