Jelly Pong Pong “Bare Necessities Highlighting Pencil” Review

First Impressions.

I've tried a highlighting pencil in the past. It was a Lord & Berry pencil and it came in January's Birchbox, and I didn't get on with it. I couldn't get it to give me a great definition, and I found it quite scratchy so I don't have a great opinion of highlighting pencils. Saying that, I really like the name of this brand. It's fun, and cute so I'm going testing this highlighting pencil from July's Look Fantastic with an open mind.

My Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

"Introducing your 4 in 1 wonder product this season. Illuminator, waterliner, concealer, and base are totally covered with this highlighting pencil from Jelly Pong Pong. Use to accent the high points of your face and conceal under eye circles and blemishes."


This is a full size 1.5g highlighting pencil which is available for £15.00 from with free delivery.


The pencil doesn't have any external packaging, but there is a cellophane wrapper keeping the lid securely in place. The ingredients are printed in black on the cellophane, they aren't very clear, but I've included the photo below.

The pencil itself has a clear plastic lid, and and is covered in a purple background. The front of the pencil has the product written in gold coloured writing, and the brand circles the bottom of the pencil. There are little sunglasses surrounding the product name. The packaging is really cute but I find it quite hard to read.

The back of the pencil has some suggested uses, along with the weight and cruelty free statement. The company contact information is also printed along with the place of formulation (Italy) and packaging manufacture (China).


I decide to swatch the highlighting pencil on the back of my hand before I start applying it to my face. The pencil is delivers really visible colour definition, and shows up very well on my hand. I found the formula was creamy and glided on, but was also a little crumbly and if you check the swatch carefully you can see little clumps of highlighter that have broken off as I've swatched it. The shade is a peachy colour, and has more pink tone in it than I was expecting for a highlighter, but I don't intend to use it for large coverage areas so I'm not really worried about the shade.

Results – Brows.

I use concealer on my eyebrows for two reasons. Firstly, I find it easier to tidy up my brows with a little concealer after filling them than trying to be tidy whilst doing the filling. Secondly, it's a good place to add some definition, and a little concealer underneath highlighter can really catch the light later on. For the purpose of this test I'm not really doing either specifically so I just ran the pencil underneath my eyebrow. I was really happy to see that the pencil does deliver noticeable highlight, although it does need some blending to look okay. Here is how it looks freshly applied:

With a little blending.

Results – Waterline.

I don't currently have a light and bright pencil to use in my waterline, but I've read lots about it opening up the eye area so I'm keen to try it. I ran the pencil along my waterline, but I did hit a snag when it crumbled a little and I had to try and brush the crumbs away as it looked like I had a funky eye. I did brush them away, and I reapplied the pencil and I was happy with the result.


Overall this pencil is an improvement in the last one I tried as I've managed to get it to transfer some highlight for me, but it's not perfect. I think there is too much pink in the shade, and the formula is a little crumbly at times. Saying that, neither of them matter with a bit of finger intervention. A quick blend sorts the colour, and a quick brush gets rid of any crumbs. Would I encourage someone to go out and spend £15 on this? No, for that price I wouldn't expect it to be crumbly. Am I going to enjoy mine? Yes, absolutely.

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