Magic Organic Apothecary (MOA) ‘The Green Balm’ Review

First Impressions.

Most of the time when I'm trying to set the scene of how I feel before trying a certain item my challenge is to keep a lid on my excitement as usually I can't wait to get stuck in. I feel completely the opposite about this balm, but I'm going to be as diplomatic as I can as I'm sure it's a great little balm with plenty of uses. That is also my first issue with this balm, it is really small. I know size isn't always everything, and there are times when it's actually good to have a smaller version of something (spider in the bathroom…) but this isn't one of those times. I feel like I've placed an order for a glass of wine and been served it in a shot glass. I'm also not really sure it's a beauty item, it looks more like an alternative medicine healing ointment which in my opinion has no place in a beauty box, but moreso a medicine cabinet but I'm going to give is little balm from July's Roccabox a fair crack of the whip.

My Roccabox Card Says:

"This does-it-all product ticks so many of our boxes; a product with home-grown English heritage; a multi-tasker; crammed full of natural ingredients… The only thing that would make this moisture rich balm even better is if it had actual healing powers. Oh it does? Sold."


My sample is unmarked in terms of size, but it's teenie tiny so I would guess its 1-5g, or something like that. The balm is available in 15ml pots for £6.00, or 50ml pots for £15.00 both from Per ml, the larger tub is cheaper at 30p per ml, which makes my sample £1.50 maximum (based on a 5ml sample).


The balm is packaged in a white plastic tub. The top of the tub has the brand and their logo printed in green writing. The side of the tub has the product name, and says:

"100% natural balm with yarrow, a herb used to heal and repair. Keep me handy, smear me on your body, please don't stick me in your eyes!"


Unscrewing the lid of the pot I can see a very pale, light and bright green coloured balm inside the tub. The balm smells herby and a little like tea tree oil but nowhere near as strong. Gently running my finger across the top of the balm it feels like Vaseline or a similar product, but is surprisingly not greasy.


There are really no decent indications how to use the balm on the booklet or packaging so I've done a lot of Googling to show you something other than using the balm as a lip balm. I found a list of uses on, here is what they say you can use it for:

  • "Soothe dry, itchy skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis; even safe to use around the eye area.
  • Treat cold sores and chapped lips.
  • Apply to sore, red nostrils when you have the sniffles.
  • Calm sun-burnt or weathered skin ailments, even mild frostbite so they say.
  • Mix with a little hot water and gargle to soothe a sore throat.
  • Help heal minor cuts and sores and avoid scarring.
  • Use on minor burns from the camp fire.
  • Smear it on grazes, bumps and bruises.
  • Apply to rope burns and blisters.
  • Zap those pesky bites and stings.
  • Smear between toes to help athletes foot, it's a ramblers dream cream.
  • Calm inflamed skin after shaving.
  • Condition eyelashes to help them grow longer.
  • Help fade stretch marks after pregnancy.
  • Smooth your new tattoos or piercings, whilst avoiding infection with anti-bacterial yarrow and tea tree.
  • Moisturise and nourish dry hands, nails and cuticles.
  • Revive dry ends, apply before shampooing.
  • Soften dry bits like elbows, feet and heels.
  • Rub it into dandruff and leave overnight before washing, yarrow is an antifungal.
  • Magic at removing eye makeup, safe to use around the eyes.
  • Use as a luxurious facial cleansing balm."

There are a lot of suggested uses on here, naturally I'm not going to try them all but I've picked a few to try.

Eye Care.

A few of these suggestions involve the area around the eye, conditioning lashes, removing eye makeup and a few others. Whilst Feel Unique is satisfied this is safe for the eye remember the packaging does say not to get it in your eyes. With an ingredient like tea tree in the formula it would no doubt burn, I won't be trying this.

Post Wax Skin Treatment – Results.

I am a huge fan of waxing, but I know like other hair removal methods it can irritate the skin. I use a post wax un-scented lotion on my skin to help soothe, reduce inflammation and hydrate, and I return to my usual moisturiser after the treatment. I decided to apply a little bit of this balm to just the driest parts of my legs, my knees and just below the knee area, to see if it would make any difference. It didn't, and I didn't really like the smell for the purpose.

Soothe New Tattoo or Piercing – Results.

This is definitely against my better judgement. I got my nose pierced about a week ago, and I've been following the cleaning advice given by piercer twice a day, but I've also been dabbling with this balm to see what effect it has. My main reservation about this balm is that it's a balm, so it's keeping the wound wet instead of allowing it to dry and heal so I've been very careful not to overdo things. I'm applying a tiny, tiny amount, with clean hands, to the areas around the piercing once a day between lunch and teatime. I thought it would burn but it's actually really soothing, and if it feels a little sore a tiny dab takes the pain away within a few moments. If you are unsure ask your piercer before you try it. As for tattoos, my worry with tattoos would be that because it's in a tub there will be some drag when you apply the balm, and you'd have to be careful not to inadvertently drag the healing tissue away too soon and cause colour loss in the design. Again, each tattoo artist has their own advice – chat to them and ask any questions for the best advice.

Moisturise Dry Hands – Results.

I love hand creams and I'm a regular user so I wouldn't say my hands are dry, but I do like the idea of having one wonder item for everything. I sprayed the balm on my hands but it doesn't feel nourishing like hand cream usually feels, think it's a mixture of the smell and the consistency but it's just not doing it for me. The balm did sink in after a while but I'm not sold on this.


Whilst I've not tried everything on the list of uses I'm satisfied that I've tried enough to know that this isn't for me. I might buy a little pot to take on holiday as an all in one medical patch-up pot but I'm still convinced it's not a beauty item – and even though it has uses as beauty items there are items made specifically for that purpose that do a better job. This was the last item to review from my Roccabox, to find out what I thought of the box, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items were click here!

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