Look Fantastic August 2017 ‘Global Glamour’ Unboxing

Subscription Options.

This is now my fourth Look Fantastic box, and whilst I've found that they don't have the biggest items in terms of size, they really do pack their boxes full of a great variety of treats. There are lots of subscription packages available for Look Fantastic, I've chosen to renew my three month commitment which means I pay £14.50 per month, including delivery. If you choose to subscribe for longer, then you can pay less each month, and if you want to cancel at any time you can take a monthly renewal at £15.00 per month, including delivery. I still have one item to review from last months box so I haven't written about the value of the box yet, but I can reveal for the first time here that based on the best prices I could find for items online I received £37.08 worth of items in my box, which I think is excellent value for money.

Box Design.

Look Fantastic change the design of their box every month, which is something I really like about the subscription. The boxes are always the same size and shape, but this box is light teal and has a map of the world on the front. The box name and Look Fantastic branding are written on the front in shiny gold writing.

Inside the lid of the box there is usually a quirky little inspirational statement, but this month Look Fantastic have used the opportunity to showcase just how far the brand has come – and good for them I say. It's very impressive!

Leaflets, Booklets & Cards.

Inside the box I have a copy of Augusts Elle magazine worth £4.30 (thanks – I love these!), and the accompanying Global Glamour information booklet. The booklet is 20 pages cover to cover, and begins with a message from Amelia the Beauty Editor who explains that this month Look Fantastic are sharing some of the best kept beauty secret from around the world with subscribers. There is a table of contents on pages 4/5, and a brief overview of the contents is printed pages 6/7. The majority of the remainder of the booklet has various articles related to shopping that I don't tend to read – I spend too much money on beauty as it is!


My box is beautifully packaged. Underneath the magazine and beauty booklet I can see the items are wrapped in teal coloured tissue paper to match the theme of the box, and fastened with a little #LFBEAUTYBOX sticker.

Opening the tissue paper I can see that the items are nestled in matching teal shredded tissue paper, which not only looks beautiful but keeps the items safe.

Box Composition.

I got a whopping 7 items in my box this month, and one of two of them might be full size – I will confirm as I try them.
I seem to have a good mix of items too, two haircare items, four skincare items, one makeup item – although two of the skincare items can be worn alone and used to create a natural look.

Gatineau – Gentle Silk Toner: I still have some of the Cowshed Toner left from last months box so I'll probably try this later in the month, but this toner is pink and that's a great start for me.
Mane 'n' Tail – Shampoo & Conditioner: I do like to use matching shampoo & conditioners so it's lovely to receive both in the same box. They aren't enormous samples and I have lots of hair so I'll probably review them together too.
Korres – Moisturising Body Milk: I do have lots of moisturiser in my cupboards, but I go through it like there's no tomorrow. I also like to change moisturiser frequently, so I'm very glad to try this brand I haven't heard of before.
Lottie London – Balm Ball Lip Hydrator: Well this is cute. I did think it was like a grown up Kinder Egg at first so was a little disappointed when I realised I shouldn't eat it, but then again that's probably a good thing as I am on a diet.
Lord & Berry – Magic Brow Pencil: I hate my current eyebrow pencil, it's the wrong shade and it's creamy and shiny. I use it partly so as not to waste it and partly because I can't pick just one that's better. This pencil could really help my brows out.
Skin79 – Super Beblesh Balm BB Cream: BB cream is something I tend to buy for when I go abroad, but it's not something I use regularly at home in the U.K. Maybe this BB cream can change that?

First Impressions.

First impressions are excellent! I think the box is beautiful and feel like it's been packed with a diverse and exciting collection on beauty items to try. I can't wait to get stuck in and look at everything in more detail.

Throughout the month I'll be trying and writing a detailed review of each item.

New for August I'll be creating a separate Box Review post at the end of the month to make it easier to read my final thoughts on the box, the value of the contents and what my favourite items are.

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