Spectrum Collections ‘A10 Small Fan Brush’ Review

First Impressions.

Some people browse photos of beautiful people, cute animals, idyllic beaches or fashion online, and whilst I may look at those things from time to time I spend most of my time looking at makeup and brushes. I love nothing more than ogling a gorgeous brush set, and few brands of brushes are more attractive than Spectrum Collections Brushes. I've had a Spectrum brush in a beauty box before – I received the C06 – Tulip Eye Contour brush in February's Birchbox, and it's been one of my favourite brushes ever since. To say I'm excited to receive this Fan Brush in July's Glossybox is an understatement.

My Glossybox Card Says:

"The best partner for your banana powder. Spectrums best-selling small Fan Brush is prefect for applying setting powder or highlighter thanks to its premium cruelty-free synthetic bristles. Brush over a loose highlighter, then dust in a sweeping motion across the cheekbones, and any other areas of the face, or use it to sweep setting powder over the skin."


This is a full size A10 – Small Fan Brush which is available from many online retailers. The best price I could find was £4.99 with free delivery from LookFantastic.com.


I think that this brush is so gorgeous. The brush has a baby pink, glossy handle and the brand and brush number are stamped into the handle with black ink. There is a black metal collar between the handle and the bristles. The bristles themselves are fanned, and coloured blue with purple tips. The bristles feel really soft and silky, it is by far the softest brush I've ever felt. If you like the unicorn or mermaid themes that are popular online at the moment, this will be right up your street.


I decide to test this brush using highlighter, but despite the advice given on my Glossybox card I'm testing this using a pressed illuminator, Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey to be precise. I've chosen this illuminator to test it on for two reasons:
1. Most of my favourite highlighters are pressed so I want to know how this brush will work for me.
2. I keep coming back to this illuminator but haven't managed to get blinding shimmer out of it yet – I want to know if this brush helps.
I gently brush the Fan Brush in the illuminator compact, and brush the brush over my cheeks.

I really regret not taking a photo of the outcome – at the time I didn't think it was significant as I was testing the brush not the illuminator but in hindsight it would have been nice to visually compare the Fan Brush application to the application in the illuminators original review. My bad, I'll talk you through it instead. I struggled to get a really bright, vibrant glow when I first used the illuminator – with the exception of the swatch photo with showed me that the illuminator had potential. The Fan Brush has definitely released this illuminator potential. It delivered the perfect amount of highlight exactly where it was needed and it glowed the most gorgeous golden colour.


I'm so happy with this beautiful brush. I don't know whether to hold it, or spend hours brushing my face with it, or just sit and look at it but either way it's captured my heart and reignited my excitement for this brand. I'm a very happy girl.

This was the last item I tried in my July Glossybox. To read what I thought of the box, how much it was all worth and what my favourite items were click here.

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