Regenerate ‘Advanced Toothpaste’ Review

First Impressions.

Toothpaste is more than just a hygiene item to me. It's imperative that my teeth are healthy, but I also like them to feel clean, look white and shiny and taste minty fresh. Over the years I've tried lots of toothpastes, and unlike skincare items I'm actually pretty good at picking up new toothpastes that look like they will meet my expectations. I'll use them for a while until the next new thing comes along, and then I'll try that. I haven't heard of the Regenerate toothpaste from July's Look Fantastic before, so I'm excited to see how it measures up.

My Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

"Smile, its summer! Get photoready with Regenerate toothpaste that uses patented technology to repair enamel as you brush, restoring whiteness and protecting your smile."


This is a 14ml sample of toothpaste which I would guess has about a weeks worth inside, maybe a little less. Full size the tubes sell in 75ml tubes and are available for £10.00 with free delivery from Based on this price, the toothpaste is 13p per ml, or £1.86 for the sample.


The packaging for the toothpaste is quite plain, the branding has been tailored to look scientific and medical instead of eye catching or fun. It's not my favourite look of packaging, but it's completely inoffensive. The tooth paste is packaged in a white tube, with a frosted plastic lid. The branding runs along the length of the rube in a lovely shade is teal, and the product is written in grey and teal.

The back of the toothpaste uses the same teal and grey text combination. The tube begins with warnings about use with children, before moving on to the ingredients (below). It also contains the company contact information and place of manufacture (France).


Squeezing out a pea sized amount of toothpaste on to my toothbrush I can see that the toothpaste is a similar consistency to other toothpastes, and is white in colour. It appears to sparkle and shimmer in the light.


The toothpaste is minty and quickly develops into a good foam in my mouth. I brush my teeth as usual, and afterwards my teeth feel clean and strong, hit the toothpaste leaves me with a chalky aftertaste which I don't like.


This toothpaste wouldn't have been something that I picked up based on the packaging and benefits, and after trying it I'm not tempted to switch from my current brand. This sample is a really handy size for travelling though, and that's what I'm going to use it for.

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