Soap & Glory ‘ Rushower Dry Shampoo’ Review

First Impressions.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might already know that I don't like dry shampoos. It's not that I don't think they have a place, there are lots of reasons why people use them and love them. I have friends who have to be careful with their extensions, for example, or when my daughter went through a tough oily teenage phase her hair would get greasy only hours after washing it – dry shampoo can work wonders in these situations. I'm really lucky that I haven't got a 'need' for dry shampoo, and I love the feeling of freshly washed hair so I find it more enjoyable to just wash my hair. As I've received this dry shampoo in July's Roccabox I'll postpone my hair washing by a day to give it a try.

My Roccabox Card Says:

"Were very much of the belief that every girl needs a dry shampoo, and hand, at all times. So we're thanking Soap & Glory for not only producing a handbag-sized dry shampoo, but for pimping it out with 'touch-realease' technology: which means that when you ruffle your fingers through your hair, there'll be a friction-activated burst of mandarin, rose and bergamot fragrance. Genius."


This is a 50ml mini can of dry shampoo with is available from for £2.50. There is also a 200ml can which is better value per ml available for £4.00.


I really like the Soap & Glory packaging, and the seriously clever names they give to their range. This dry shampoo is packaged in a mini aerosol can with a two tone pink background on the front. On the bottom of the can is a grey picture of a girl holding her hair up, and some of the dry shampoo benefits are printed around her. They include the touch release fragrance, and 'pink scent'. The product is listed above her in funky silver and black text.

The back of the can is also a lovely shade of metallic pink with a lot of black writing. It begins with directions (below), and there is a long list of precautions about aerosol safety. The ingredients are also listed (below), along with the company contact details and place of manufacture (UK).


First, shake to activate, hold upright at least 15cm away from hair, and spray liberally, focusing on the roots. Massage lightly with finger tips until grease is gone. For a quick refresh, simply ruffle your roots to release the fragrance whilst out and about.


Lifting the lid of the can I can see there is a black spray nozzle. I give a little test spray of the dry shampoo so that I can find out what the 'pink scent' smells like. I don't like it. It smells powdery like most dry shampoos, but it's a really sickly sweet, floral but unnaturally floral fragrance. I asked my daughter for her opinion as she's far cooler than I am, and she described it as "old woman smell" which made me chuckle.


I've talked about the fragrance, which I don't like, but I decided to press on and see how good the dry shampoo was at doing its job. I held the spray away and sprayed, and I realised that it was coating my hair in silver/white residue. I do have grey hairs, but in the photo below that grey patch is dry shampoo.

The good news is that with a lot of fussing I can brush and fiddle the silver hue out of my hair. I'm due to go to the salon tomorrow to get my roots done, I think it would be much less noticeable on blonde hair. My hair feels the same as it did before, I don't feel any fresher or cleaner for spraying my hair.


Overall I still don't like dry shampoos, but if I did I wouldn't waste my money on this one, there are much better ones out there.

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