Bellápierre ‘Contour and Highlight Cream Palette’ Review

First Impressions.

This is the sixth Bellápierre item I've had in a beauty box this month and last month, luckily I really like the brand so this is a very good thing for me. This contour palette was the sneak peek item this month, so all Cohortee's knew to expect this in their boxes. I'm quite new to contouring, and whilst I have a little stick that I've been dabbling with I haven't tried anything with so many options as this palette from July's Cohorted box, so I'm pretty excited.

My Cohorted Booklet Says:

"Ready to add some definition and dimension to your complexion? This palette contains six shades to help you highlight areas you want to bring out, or contour the areas you want to slim down. Are you new to contouring? Don't worry, Bellápierre has you covered with a step-by-step instructions booklet that will make contouring and highlighting easier than ever."


This is a full size palette containing 24g creamy colours. The cheapest I could find this online was where the palette is £32.00 and delivery is free.

External Packaging.

The contour kit has a very similar style packaging to the Glowing Palette and is also the same size. The palette is contained in a sleeve. The front of the sleeve has a photo of a a beautiful lady on the front left hand side, and she has used every shade in the palette on her face without blending. There is a little black banner in the top left hand corner which advertises that the palette was made with 100% natural minerals. The right hand side of the front of the sleeve is separated by a shiny gold line, and is on a white background. The brand is written in gold writing, and the product in black writing. There is a little swatch of the shades included and the marketing also explains that there are step-by-step instruction and tips inside.

The back of the sleeve shows the same picture of the model, but this time she is on the right. Again, the two sides are separated by a gold line. On the left hand side the brand is in gold writing, the product in black writing, and the shades are depicted along with their shade names. The ingredients are also displayed (photo below) along with company contact information and place of manufacture (PRC – China).

Instructional Guide.

I am so happy that this is an instruction booklet included as I wouldn't know where to begin if I was left to my own devices. The booklet is the same size as the packaging, but is folded multiple times.

Unfolding the booklet I'm really happy with the advice inside. There is a little face chart to help you to find the shape of your face, and a map on each face shape to show you where to apply the light and shade. The next few pages contain step by step instructions of how to apply the light and shade, in English and French. The good news is that you don't have to try all the colours, one shade from the highlighters and one from the contour creams is all you need to start out, and you can experiment with different shades as your confidence grows.


The palette itself is white in colour. Before I go any further I should point out that I love this packaging but it isn't going to stay white for long – it doesn't seem the most practical. The top of the palette has the branding in gold writing, and the product in black writing with a little swatch of the shades.

Turning the palette over, the underneath of the palette has the shades and their names, the ingredients, company contact information and place of manufacture repeated from the sleeve.

Opening the palette I can see that I have six shades on contouring and highlighting cream, and a mirror inside the palette. The lid of the palette is magnetised to make for a snug closure after use.


The top row of shades are the highlighters. Left to right: Soufflé – The palest shade with peach and pink tones. Marzipan – The palest shade with yellow tones. Macaron – a medium/light shade with pink tones.
The bottom row of shades are contour creams. Left to right: Caramel – A mid shade with peach/Orange tones. Fudge – A mid/dark shade with tan/orange tones. Ganache – The darkest shade in the palette with chocolate/orange tones.

I decide to swatch the shades on my arm before I put them on my face. The shades are very easy to pick up, they have a similar texture to a good lip balm, but without the greasiness. I'm also really impressed with the colour delivery – none of the shades are wishy-washy and all deliver the desired colour shade with a pow. In the picture below I've swatched top row left to right, followed by bottom row left to right.

Just a little word of warning, if you like to contour under foundation these do stain the skin. Below is my arm after I showered to wash the swatches off! The good news is that if you contour over foundation there is no staining.


I was feeling a little rebellious when I decided to try this contour palette, and instead just following the guidance for my face shape I added a few extra bits too. I only used two shades, soufflé and fudge. I've applied the contour and highlight together in the photo below, but to follow the instructions they recommend to do them one at a time for the best results, blending in between.

I use my Nanshy blending sponge to gently dab and blend the contour and highlight so that the lines aren't so severe. As the formula is so creamy it blends easily and takes little effort to erase the sharp lines.


This is a really fun and useful contouring palette that can be used by even a novice like me. I'm not going to contour every time I do my makeup as I think the results are very striking, but I'm definitely going to keep using this palette for special occasions.
This was the last item from my Cohorted box to try. To find out what I thought of the box, how ,itch the stuff inside was worth and what my favourite items inside were click here.

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