Bellápierre ‘Banana Setting Powder’ Review

First Impressions.

I have tried quite a few Bellápierre items recently and I've been really impressed with the quality and finish of their makeup, so it's becoming a real treat to find new and different items from their line in beauty boxes. Setting powder is something I use every time I do my makeup, and I currently have two different types that I use. I have a fine, loose, translucent powder that I use under my eye area; and a velvety HD powder that I use on the rest of my face. I really like both of my current brands, but I haven't tried many other face powders so I'm looking forward to seeing how this Banana Powder from July's Glossybox compares to my current brands.

My Glossybox Card Says:

"Powder has made a huge comeback thanks to YouTubes fascination with the baking makeup trend. The baking technique involves letting finishing powders sit on the face for five to ten minutes in order to allow the heat from your face to set your foundation before the powder is dusted off. The banana setting powder has a yellow hue which helps to counteract redness, discolouration, blemishes and dark circles in paler skin tones and creates beautiful highlights against olive and dark skin."


This is a full size 4g tub of loose powder. The best price I could find for this online was £18.95 from, but check the postage costs as is quoted me £5.00 p&p which is quite high.


The powder is packaged in a clear plastic pot with a creamy/yellow coloured lid. I can see through the sides of the jar that the powder is the same colour tones as the lid.

The lid has the Bellápierre logo in the centre in shiny silver coloured writing, and the product name is printed around the edge of the circle.

Underneath the powder there is a black and yellow sticker which reconfirmed the brand and product names. The sticker also lists the ingredients (photo below), company contact information, weight and place of manufacture (PRC – China).


I unscrew the lid of the tub of powder, and I can see that most of the powder is separated from making contact with the brush by an ingenious little powder dispenser. The idea is that instead of picking up too much powder, one can simply shake out a small portion of powder so as not to waste it. It's very clever but in reality I do find these infuriating as I can never get it to shake out the right amount of powder.

The powder itself is a fine, matte yellow tinged powder. I've never seen anything like it! The formula is very silky and it disappears into the skin on my hand so well I couldn't show you in a photo where I've tested it.

Results – Under Eyes.

My current under eye powder is PS Pro Translucent Setting Powder from Primark, and it costs £5.00. It's not something I would have thought of picking up, but I had it in a Glossybox last year and I really, really like it so this has tough competition. I prepare my under eye area as I normally do with primer, foundation and concealer, and I sweep a portion of the powder under my eye area. I leave the powder to sit for 5-10 minutes and brush off the excess. I'm not really happy with the results, my eyes look cakey and creased. They also have this weird yellow tinge which looks less colour correcting and more like I'm not feeling well.

Results – Rest of Face.

My current face setting powder is Manna Kadar Hd Powder, which I'm using as I had it in April's Birchbox, but I don't intend to buy it again as it's really expensive – even though it does give a lovely velvety finish. I really want to like this banana powder, so I tried it again and this time I used a different foundation and concealer and I tried using the powder in place to the Manna Kadar. The under eye area bombed again, I wanted it to be fabulous but it wasn't. The powder did much better around the rest of my face and set my makeup well, although I'm still not sure about the yellow hue in some places.


This is an expensive powder which feels lovely, but cakes and creases around the under eye area and gives skin a yellow hue. I don't like the yellow hue on me – I should explain why. One of the first symptoms of my mothers cancer many years ago was a yellow hue from jaundice, so I guess that's why I don't associate it with health and vitality. I've enjoyed testing this powder out, and I've tested it loads as I really wanted to like it… but alas I'm going to stick to what I currently use.

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