Morrocanoil ‘Hydrating Styling Cream’ Review

First Impressions.

When I first started writing this blog I frequently talked about wanting to find hair products to give me shiny, flowing locks. Over the last 6 months I've discovered product after product that helps me get the most out of my hair. My hair can still be prone to dryness due to dye and heat damage if I don't treat it well, but as long as I use one or a combination of my "hero" hair items I'm confident I'll have a decent hair day. My confidence with trying hair products has grown significantly and as such I'm really looking forward to trying this cream from July's Look Fantastic.

My Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

"This nourishing formula will smooth, condition and moisturise lacklustre hair. Infused with argan oil, it helps to add Shine to either wet or dry hair whilst creating definition and giving styles a soft hold – the prefect styling aid to summery beach waves."


This is a full size 75ml tube of hair cream, which is available for £6.99 + p&p from The cream is also available in a 300 ml bottle which is cheaper per ml, £20.75 with free p&p from


I love the look of this packaging, it reminds me of a swimming pool. I'm a sucker for a beautiful pool when I'm looking for holidays, there is something about the colour of the water that's so appealing to me. This tube is a soft, aqua coloured tube with a white plastic lid. The front of the tube has the product and brand printed in white, and it says that it is for all hair types. There is a tan coloured M at the top of the tube, and the key benefits of adding definition and enhancing manageability are written in small black writing at the bottom of the tube, along with the size.

The back of the tube starts with the tan coloured M at the top of the tube. The company contact information and place of manufacture (Israel) are printed at the bottom of the tube in white writing, along with the direction and ingredients (below). In small black writing, and repeated in French, the tube says of the cream:

"Leave in styling formula helps eliminate frizz, adds definition and shine, while the pure argan oil conditions and hydrates the hair. A versatile product that helps hair conform to styling."


The cream is a very pale pink coloured cream, which comes out as a cream but quickly melts into an oil with the heat from my skin. The cream smells really nice, it's not flowery or natural but reminds me more of the scents I'd expect to find in a luxurious spa. It's not an overly strong scent either, but manages to strike a really good balance between being unnoticeable and overwhelming. I think the smell is spot on.


Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair. Style as usual. Warning. Use product only as directed. Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.

Results – Damp Application.

I confess, I wasn't sure where the line between damp and wet fell, so after washing my hair I towel dried it and considered that it was probably damp. I applied a generous amount of the cream to the ends of my hair in place of my usual styling aids. The results were very disappointing. I didn't notice any difference in the way my hair style held, and because I hadn't used my usual styling products my hair felt dry and almost straw-like at the ends. I was like I'd just combed water through my hair, it did nothing for me.

Results – Dry Application.

I wanted to give the cream another go, so I decided to try it on dry hair. I don't generally have very good results with styling products in dry hair, I have found in the past that they clump and leave sticky, or greasy patches. I only used a tiny amount of cream (just in case) and started smoothing it through the ends of my hair. Immediately I could see the ends were shinier, and they felt softer and smoother, and not at all greasy, sticky, stiff or any of the other horrid things that I thought would happen. I wouldn't say that the cream is an extreme frizz tamer, but it does help to hold hair together.


Overall I really like this cream, but use it on dry hair not wet! I'm going to keep using it to finish my hair when I want a sleek look instead of, or in addition to hairspray – things like straightened hair, tight ponytails, braids – that sort of thing.

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