Burts Bees ‘Facial Cleansing Oil with Coconut & Argan Oil’ Review

First Impressions.

I don't know what it is about Roccabox and oils but there seems to be something oil based and terrifying in every box I've had so far. Don't get me wrong, if you love oils (and some of them are amazing) then they are a great addition to the box, but for a girl with oily skin they are a gamble. I've tried a Burt's Bees Lipstick before and I liked it, so I do have a good opinion of the brand already this cleanser I received in July's Roccabox says it's suitable for normal to dry skin which does not describe me. I'm not excited about trying this.

My Roccabox card says:

"To say we are obsessed with cleansing oils would be an understatement – nothing strips away makeup, grime and dirt as effectively in our book – so we are super excited to introduce this brand new cleansing oil to our bathroom cabinet. Crammed full of argan oil our beloved coconut oil, its bursting with skin nourishing fatty acids and omega 9, so skin is left thoroughly cleansed and baby bottom soft."


This is a 29.5ml sample of the cleansing oil. Full size, it sells in bottles of 177ml and is widely available for £16.99. LookFantastic.com offer free delivery, or if you buy from BurtsBees.co.uk you can get 20% off using the code BBOFF20. Based on the cost of the full price item this cleansing oil is 5p per ml, or £1.74 for the bottle.


The cleansing oil is packaged in a clear bottle with a glossy white pop and pour lid. There are three parts to the label. The front part display the brand and product name in English and French. The bottle uses a cream and pink colour scheme which looks good against the colour of the oil in the background.

Rotating the bottle clockwise Cleansing Oil with coconut and argan oil is printed multiple times in various languages.

Rotating w bottle once more shows the ingredients (below), company contact information and place of manufacture (USA). The labels are clear, and the liquid is clear so it makes it harder to read the information.


The cleanser itself is a straw coloured oil. Pressing the popper button to open the bottle I pour a little out on to the back of my hand. The formula is quite oily, I can spread it around my skin but it doesn't sink in. The oil smells natural; I can smell herbs in it but with the most gorgeous undertones of honey. I really like the smell of this oil.


Unbelievably neither the bottle nor card have any directions of how to use this item. These directions were taken from Lookfantastic.co.uk.

"Dispense product on to dry hands. Gently massage over dry face. Wet hands and gently massage product on to face. Rinse thoroughly, then pat dry."


I followed the directions and applied to the oil to my face, massaged it in before washing it off. My skin didn't feel overly greasy afterwards, but nor did it feel clean and fresh.


Any oily products are always going to have a tough time getting a thumbs up from me, and whilst this cleanser smells delicious I don't see any skin benefits when I compare it to other cleansers I've used. Remember, that I have oily skin and this product wasn't designed with my skin type – someone with dry skin may see more of a benefit.

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