Doucce ‘Luscious Lip Stain’ Review

First Impressions.

I've tried quite a few two step lip colours before, and I've noticed that when they are good they tend to be very good, but the ones that miss the mark tend to be quite rubbish. I've only tried two mascaras by the brand Doucce before but I absolutely loved them. I'm really looking forward to trying out this lip that I received in July's Cohorted box, and I'm feeling confident it will be one of the good two step lip colours.

My Cohorted Booklet Says:

"The ultimate dual action lip paint that lets you choose between a matte and glossy finish. The full coverage base colour goes on matte and lasts all day without transferring or feathering. The highly pigmented texture applies smoothly and evenly, giving your lips a plumped and sculpted look. The glossy topcoat provides a multi-dimensional and vibrant shine, for the perfect night out look."


This is a full size pack of lip stain containing a 6g colour stain, and a 6g clear stain in the shade 619 – Holiday Getaway. There are 19 shades to choose from in total. The lip stain is available for $28.00 from, which based on today's exchange rate is £21.51. Currently don't ship outside the US, but Cohorted have said in their booklet that the brand is coming soon to the Cohorted Boutique.

External Packaging.

The lip stains are boxed in plain black packaging with white writing. The front of the box has the brand and product, and has a little flap which can be opened to get to the lip stains. The sides of the box have the bar code and directions, which I'll come back to. The back of the box contains a list of ingredients (below), along with the company contact information and place of manufacture (USA).

Lifting the little flap at the front of the box I can see the inside of the box is bright red in colour with the little trademarks d's scattered through the design in white writing. It's very striking. I also get my first view of the lip stains, and I can see the lids have a high shine, mirror like finish. Oh my gosh they look amazing.


I think that these are some of the best looking lip stains I've ever seen. I have two items inside the box, a coloured lip stain and a clear lip stain. The coloured lip stain is clear to show the shade of the lipstick, but the plastic that encases it is highly polished and looks very high class. The front of the stain is flat and has the brand and product printed on the front. The back of the tube is rounded. The bottom of the tube has a little black sticker with white writing which has the brand, shade and place of manufacture. The second stain is the same D shape as the first, and again has the brand and product on the front. This stain is packaged in the same material as the lid – it looks like a petrol/oil effect with more greens than blues and it has a super high shine finish. It's so high shine its mirror like, and you can see my phone reflected in the lids of the lip stains below.


Apply the Luscious Lip Stain first, spreading it evenly onto your lips. Allow the stain to dry for a few minutes. Once dry, apply the included gloss of added shine.

Colour Stain – Applicator.

The lip stain has a long wand with a fixed brush attached to the end of the wand to apply the colour. The applicator tip isn't enormous, but I like that as I find it easier to be precise with my application.

Colour Stain – Formula.

I decide to swatch the lip stain on the back of my hand to get a better feel for the colour and formula before I apply it on my face. The applicator delivers a bold and very precise line of colour. The shade is like something between brick and coral, it has a lot of orange tones but is quite dark. I let my little swatch dry, and try to rub it and smudge it, and I'm really pleased to say that the colour didn't budge.

Colour Stain – Results.

I started by running the applicator wand along my lower lip first. The colour application was bold and instant and I couldn't believe the difference in colour between my bare, naked lip and the lip that had some colour.

I finish the application, and repeat the process on my top lip. I let the colour dry before moving on to step two.

Clear Stain – Applicator.

The clear stain also has a long wand, but I'm really surprised that at the end of the wand instead of a brush of sponge applicator there is a pointy plastic tip. I've not seen anything like that before to use a lip product. I didn't think it would pick up any gloss, but the applicator tip does seem to have a coating of gloss on it.

Clear Stain – Results.

I apply the gloss on top of my completely dry lips. The gloss formula is shiny and a great consistency, not too wet but not too tacky either. The applicator is a nightmare to use – its scratchy and feels uncomfortable. Also, as it's so small it takes forever to add gloss to my lips. I am happy with the glossy finish it has given me.


There are more good things than bad things about this lip stain set. I adore the packaging, it really is something else. I really like the formula of the lip colour, and I think it makes an excellent liquid lipstick. It's vibrant, long lasting and doesn't budge. I'm not crazy about this shade, but there are other shades I would like to try when the brand arrives at I don't like the gloss applicator, although I have worked out how to get big blobs of gloss out so I could coat a lip brush and apply with that instead. I also think I prefer the matte finish, so I wouldn't use the gloss all the time…. but if I'm going to do that I wonder if I should save money and just buy a liquid lipstick!

7 thoughts on “Doucce ‘Luscious Lip Stain’ Review

    • fayesbox says:

      It’s lovely to hear from someone who loves the shade to balance out my uncertainty about it. I think for me it’s just nothing like what I’d normally go for, which of course can be a great thing. Thank-you xx


  1. typicalteenager76 says:

    Ooh it’s pretty! Such a nice shade but it is quite an expensive one! Looks worth it though! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

    Liked by 1 person

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