Cute Balms ‘Macaroon Tint Balm’ Review

First Impressions.

Who doesn't love a lip balm? They are relatively inexpensive items which not only make lips look, feel, smell and sometimes even taste good but have a long-term beneficial impact to the wearers lips. Tinted lip balms offer even more as they also give a subtle splash of colour to the wearers lips. Factor in that lip balms are portable and useful in virtually any situation and I hope it's easy to see that I'm pretty happy about receiving this item in my July Glossybox.

My Glossybox Card Says:

"If only we could have one of these balms in EVERY bag! It's pretty, does double duty as a lip and cheek colour and smells good too. Use your fingertips to spread the sheer berry shade over both cheeks and lips."


This is a full size 5g tub of lip balm in the shade Crushed Berry. The lip balms are available for £3.99 at in the shades Strawberry, Vanilla and Marshmallow. The shade I have isn't currently for sale on the website, but it does say to watch this space so perhaps it will be available soon.


Have you ever seen anything so cute? I mean, there is cute but this is really cute and so unique. The lip balm is in pink plastic casing in the shape of a macaroon. Underneath the lip balm is a little white sticker which contains the company contact information, place of manufacture (PRC – China), ingredients (below) – along with the brand, product and weight information.


Paraffnum liquidum, mica, ethylhexyl palmitate, synthetic wax, cera alba, ozokerite, copernica cerifera cera, phenoxyethanol, o-cymen-5-ol, tocopheryl acetate, CI 15850, CI 15985, CI 77891, parfum (strawberry).


It's amazing the difference a bit of packaging can make. Unscrewing the lid of the lip balm seemed like so much more fun than just unscrewing the lid. Inside I can see that the bottom of the macaroon is filled with a pink coloured balm. The balm smells sweet, like berries but like an artificial berry smell. I don't like the smell of this, whilst on the surface it's sweet enough there are undertones which remind me more of fermentation, like in a cider for example. And then in the next breathe its back to being sweet and lovely, it's really bizarre but it has put me off a little.

Gently tracing my finger in the lip balm I switch the balm on to my hand to see how pigmented the balm is. I'm really impressed, some balms are so barely tinted one can wonder if there is any colour in them at all, but this leaves a lovely bright pink mark on my hand. The balm itself seems light and smooth, not greasy or heavy. My finger glides over the surface picking up the perfect amount of balm on its way.


I don't wear a lot of makeup to work. Aside from time saving in the mornings, I've started going to the gym at lunchtime and sweaty makeup when I'm working out is worse than just being sweaty. Don't worry, I do shower before I go back to work! In the mornings I spend a long time caring for my skin instead; I also touch up my eyebrows, curl my eyelashes and apply a natural looking mascara. I'm hoping I can swap my usual lip balm for this tinted lip balm to add just a little splash of colour to my lips, as a lipstick would be too much with my totally natural look. Here is me half asleep and not made up:

I swirl my finger in the balm and run my finger along both my top and bottom lips. My lips feel instantly moist, but again not sticky or tacky just smooth and hydrated. I take a look at my lips in the mirror. They aren't significantly different but they look softer and brighter in colour, like a dusty rose shade. I really like it, I think it makes me look healthier, and more awake.

Despite a good start, the lip balm sunk in very quickly and left my lips feeling thirsty. The closest thing I can relate it to is drinking wine. If you're thirsty and you drink wine it's wet so it quenches your thirst temporarily, but as it's wine, and thus alcoholic, very soon you feel more thirsty than you did before so you have to apply more. That's how this lip balm makes me feel, like I need to reapply it every few minutes.


Overall this is a cute little lip balm that gives a really nice little pop of colour on the lips. For me, whilst the formula seems smooth and hydrating initially it leaves me un satisfied and wanting more. Add to that my indecision about the smell and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I would like to try some more varieties but I'm not going to rush out and buy them. In the meantime I'm going to continue to use this, but I'm going to use it in conjunction with my current lip balm. My current lip balm can keep me hydrated, and this can add the colour.

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