Revers Hot Makeup ‘Bronzing Powder’ Review

First Impressions.

I'm not really a bronzer person. For me bronzer stirs up deep rooted fears of looking orange, unnatural and a bit silly. Since trying the Vita Liberata tan from May's Cohorted box I have been dabbling with it a little, and whilst I'm still very careful with my application I am gaining confidence using the product. It almost seems like the perfect time for me to try out other brands of bronzer, so I'm excited to try this Hot Makup Bronzer from July's Look Fantastic.

My Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

"Summer just isn't summer without a tan. Whether you need to fake a summer glow or just want to enhance your post holiday flush of colour, this full sized bronzer from Hot Makeup will have you covered all season long."


This is a large 8g pan of bronzer which has completely stumped me online. I started by Googling 'Hot Makeup Bronzer' and except a few eBay hits the only address I can find is an American company called Hot Makeup. I don't believe this is connected to my bronzer as the company registered address is different, and their bronzer are available in 4 shades whereas mine comes in just one shade. I then tried the address information on the back and visited I don't speak Polish but I've done enough shopping to be able to browse the products for sale – Hot Makeup wasn't listed. I then tried 'HOT4YOU Denmark' which is referenced on the label. Again, I don't speak Danish but this items doesn't exist in their website either. Aside from eBay listings, and a German site similar to eBay I can't find this bronzer anywhere. It is truly priceless!


I'm not a huge fan of the packaging for this bronzer, it's not a style of packaging that I would choose if I was shopping. The bronzing powder sits in a pan surrounded by black plastic, with a clear plastic lid. The brand and product are printed on the lid in black, along with a picture of the silhouettes of what look like two dogs either side of a shield and crown. It's like a play on the UK Royal Coat of Arms. The back of the packaging has a black and white sticker which contains the ingredients (below), the company contact information and place of manufacture (Poland). The compact also has a best before date, which is novel. Cosmetics usually display a best before time period, but I've never seen an item that goes to the trouble of printing a date before.


After taking the lid off the bronzing powder I swirl my finger around the powder and swatch it along my hand. The bronzing powder does threaten to be a little orange but it doesn't appear to be a very pigmented colour so I'm reassured that I won't look like I've been Tangoed. The formula feels very soft and like satin, which really surprised me as I expected it to be course and grainy based on the packaging. Sorry Hot Makeup, the bronzing powder is a lovely consistency.


Feeling empowered by my swatch test I dive into the compact with a big, fluffy powder brush and start liberally applying bronzing powder. I quickly realise that this is a terrible idea as the skin on my face is a lot lighter than the skin on my hands and the powder is much more noticeable. Even though I set my foundation with powder it also seems to be sticking to my foundation in patches, something that the Vita Liberata doesn't do. After a little panic and some frantic brushing I do manage to blend and even it out, but I'm too scared to try the powder anywhere else.


I think this might be the most obscure little thing I've ever had in a beauty box. My search to find out about it has taken me to websites all around the world, and I'm still none the wiser as to what it actually is. The packaging looks cheap and tacky, but the formula is silky and smooth between fingers. Ultimately, none of this matters to me as I don't like the finish it gives and I'm not sure if I'll even finish using this compact that I have, thanks but no thanks.

3 thoughts on “Revers Hot Makeup ‘Bronzing Powder’ Review

  1. Elena says:

    I was looking for some information about the same product, and it is incredible that it is impossible to find. I totally agree with you, the product is absolutely obscure!

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    • fayesbox says:

      I’m glad it’s not just me that’s struggled with it, although I did visit a few other blogs too and seems to have caused confusion everywhere. Even Look Fantastic don’t sell it… but I guess the point is mute as I don’t fancy buying another one anyways!


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