Ellis Faas ‘Concealer’ Review

First Impressions.

I always have a dark under eye area which is really hard to cover, and last night I had a bottle of wine which has made it a little worse than usual today. If you're looking at the photo above and thinking that they aren't so bad, well thanks but I should probably explain that I have already applied Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer, Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluid – Peach, and Clarins Extra Firming Foundation – 107 Beige before I took that picture. My under eye area gives me the biggest makeup headache, and I'm always keen to try new concealers so I can work out the best way to deal with it so I was very happy to receive this in July's Roccabox.

The Roccabox Card Says:

"This is the cult product that the celebrities didn't want you to know about. With its creamy consistency, a wand that delivers JUST the right amount of coverage and a formula that seamlessly melts into skin, we can now convincingly fake a good nights sleep."


This is a full size 2.8ml concealer pen in shade S202 – Fair. The concealer is available in 8 shades altogether ranging from S201 – Light Fair to S208 – Dark. The best price I could find for this concealer online today is £14.00 + p&p from love-makeup.co.uk.

External Packaging.

The box for the concealer isn't much to look at. It's cream/ straw coloured with black writing. The front of the box has the brand and product name. Turning the box once the brand and product name are printed again, along with the company contact information and place of manufacture (Italy).

The back of the bow is blank except for the bar code. The final side of the box has the ingredients (displayed below).


The external packaging may be a little boring, but inside the box the concealer is a unique and eye catching design. The pen is metallic silver coloured, and the brand name is printed in white on the side of the pen. The lid of the pen finishes in a point which makes it look unlike any other concealer pen I've seen before. The back of the pen has a small, clear sticker with black writing. It reaffirms the company contact information, place of manufacture and size of the item.


Removing the lid of the pen there are some bright white bristles at the end of black plastic casing. The bristles feel quite stiff to begin with, but I'm able to gently massage them with my thumb and finger to free them up. After only a few moments they feel quite soft and flexible.

The concealer is released in the same way as with other concealer pens – simply twist the end of the pen furthest from the brush to push out the formula. The first application took a little while to get going and I must have twisted about 20 times to release the liquid. I've learnt my lesson from other pens in the past though, and I patiently clicked through one or two clicks at a time so I didn't make a mess. I decide to swatch the concealer on my hand. The shade seems like a good match for me, maybe a little darker than I usually go for under my eyes if I'm being really picky but I really am being picky. I notice I've managed to dispense the concealer so it's very heavy in one side, and not heavy enough on the other side of the line – I'll need to be careful when I'm applying to my eyes to keep an even coverage.


I start by applying the concealer to my under eye area using the pen, and I like to draw the concealer on like little sun beams coming from the corners of my eye.

Using my Nanshy Marvel 4-in-1 Makeup Sponge in a gentle tapping motion I blend out the little sun beams of concealer, and ensure an even finish. I do sometimes use a brush to spread it out first, but then I like to finish with the Nanshy as it gives a more flawless finish.

The first thing I notice about this concealer is that it's not at all cakey. Sometimes I have to go over my under eyes with a cotton wool bud to further try and blend out the concealer when it dries, but this formula hasn't caked at all. The concealer is also bright and gives a dewy effect, but whilst it improves the look of my under eye it doesn't completely hide the darkness.


This is a nice little concealer but it's nothing special, or different to many of the other brands out there. If you don't need a lot of coverage then this could be a great option for you. I'm still looking for that unicorn in a field of horses – I want ultra super coverage, no cakeyness, great price. I'm going to keep looking for that magical dream cream – wish me luck and I'll let you know if I find it.

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