Doucce ‘Punk Volumizer Mascara’ Review

First Impressions.

Until very recently Doucce was just another brand I'd never heard of. Today, Doucce Maxlash Volumizer Mascara is my favourite mascara, and I only use it on special occasions. It's also the only mascara I trust when my makeup has to be perfect. It is the bomb. Doucce products are currently pretty hard to shop for in the U.K. so when I saw this mascara in July's Cohorted box naturally I did a little fist pump. I'm very happy.

The Cohorted booklet says:

"Define lashes one by one, adding extreme volume and thickness to your lashes. Instantly creates dramatically full and seductive lashes for an audacious false-look effect. The jumbo brush fibre bristles are cut smaller and larger, in succession, to coat every lash, while distributing the formula evenly through out the lashes. The lightweight and creamy formula pulls every lash upwards to create a long lasting curl without clumping, flaking or smudging."

Brand Discovery.

Cohorted write about certain brands each month to gives subscribers more information about them. This month to prepare for the imminent arrival of Doucce to the Cohorted Boutique its Doucce's turn to take the spotlight. The booklet says:

"From a small NYC startup to one of the fastest growing companies in the cosmetic industry, Doucce is quickly becoming the preferred brand for makeup artists and fashionable women everywhere. Though Doucce was born in New York, its name was inspired by the French word douce, which means New and elegant. With a touch of French luxury and upscale New York fashion, Doucce provides a sense of youth and luxury that's untouched. Our high quality, elegant products empower women to highlight their unique sense of beauty and attractiveness. The combination of stylish colours and advanced formulas are combined with sleek designs that out Doucce in a class of its own. Doucce not only appeals to women, it touches their hearts. Give your look the beauty that onlookers will envy. You deserve the best that today's decorative cosmetics can offer. Join us as we welcome in a new era on youth and luxury."


This is a full size 13.5ml mascara. As I mentioned above Doucce products are pretty hard to find for sale in un the U.K., I can't wait for Cohorted to stock them as part of the boutique. In the meantime the only way to buy them currently is to try sites like eBay, Amazon etc. – although please be careful and ask all the questions you need before you buy. Remember that if it looks to good to be true it probably is. For the purpose of costing my box I've been to where this mascara is $24.00. Based on today's exchange rate that equates to £18.50, but they only ship to USA so don't try to buy unless you live in the US.

External Packaging.

The Punk Volumizer Mascara is packaged in a box which looks very similar to the Maxlash Mascara that I love so much. The mascara is packaged in a black box with white writing, the front of the box has the product name printed at the top, and the bottom of the box has the Doucce brand which wraps around the corner on to the next face of the box. Nothing else is printed in this view of he box. The back of the box lists the ingredients (above), along with the company contact information and place of manufacture (Germany).

The final side of the box displays the barcode, volume and has a little description of the mascara (above).


Whilst the outer box might look the same as the other Doucce mascara, the mascara itself looks completely different. This mascara looks edgier than the Maxlash, it has four flat sides and the lid is a contrasting red colour. The brand and product are printed in white writing on the front of the mascara, and there is a black d printed on the lid.

The back of the mascara has the mascara description written in white writing, along with the volume.


Unscrewing the lid, and pulling out the wand I feel a little resistance as the brush reaches the opening of the bottle. It feels like this clever little bottle has a built in feature to ensure there isn't too much mascara on the brush. Looking at the brush it seems to be a good coating of mascara despite having the excess removed on the way out. The brush itself is quite large for a mascara brush, and has lots of bristles to catch the hairs. The wand is a medium sort of length – neither the shortest nor longest I've seen.


I start by curling my eyelashes on one eye using an eyelash curlers before reaching for the mascara. I start the application by positioning the brush at the base of my lashes and move the brush along the lash, wiggling as I go. When I reach the end of the lash I repeat the process working along my lash line. I'm not doing my lower lashes today, just the top lid.

After one coat my lashes looked longer, ticker and more defined. Hopefully it's clear, but just in case it's not, I have only applied mascara to the eye in the left of the photo above.

The above picture shows one coat of mascara applied to both eyes, as a comparison.

If you like a little more drama a second coat of mascara applied to both lashes makes them even longer, even thicker, and even more defined, but is starting to clump in places. A little lash comb might help to free up some clumps.


This really is a high quality mascara that not only looks good but delivers longer, thicker lashes. This mascara is the closest I've ever been able to get to achieving a true false lash look. If you love big lashes you will love this. For me, I prefer the Maxlash mascara as I really do love the ultra defined look that it gives me. This funky Punk mascara could sit very well on top of the Maxlash as it delivers more volume, and may be less likely to clump when the lash is already defined & separated.

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