Mimitika ‘Face Sunscreen’ Review

When I was a child skincare advice isn’t what it is today – sun cream was just there to prevent burning, but building up a good tan was seen as natural protection. Of course, we know now that sun cream does more than prevents burning – it filters out harmful UV rays that can’t be seen with the naked eye. We also know that a tan, as gorgeous as it looks, can be a sign of skin damage from the suns rays. I cringe when I look back at my old sun protection regime – I have changed so much over the last few years when it comes to protecting myself from the Sun. Take sun cream application, for example. I’ve always been pretty good at applying sun cream to my arms, legs, shoulders etc. when I wear summer clothes, but it wouldn’t have crossed my mind a few years ago that I also need to protect my face in the sun. I do now apply sun cream to my face as part of my daily skincare routine, but I’ve been using body sun cream which is heavy and greasy, and I’m sure it’s blocking my pores. I’m so happy to have this face sun screen in July’s Look Fantastic to see whether it’s a little lighter for my skin. My Look Fantastic booklet says:

“Mimitika are a French brand devoted to developing the prefect facial sun cream. This non-sticky, hydrating formula offers SPF-50 protection and is specifically designed for facial use, doubling up as a day cream.”

This is a 10ml sample of the sun screen. Full size the cream sells in 50ml tubs, and is available for £14.00 from Lookfantastic.com Dubrovnikith free delivery. Based on the full size tub the cream is 28p per ml, or approximately £2.80 for the sample. 

The cream is packaged in a glossy white tub with a scent on lid. The tub has an information sticker running around the side, the front of the sticker has the brand and some cute colourful patterns. Rotating the tub clockwise from the front displays the ingredients (above), and rotating it anti clockwise has the company contact information,a no place of manufacture (France). 

Opening the jar I’m happy to see the white cream is a medium/firm consistency – which is great as it doesn’t drip. The sun screen doesn’t smell of anything. Usually I find that sun cream has a very distinctive smell which reminds me of holidays, and coconuts, but I get nothing from this. I completely understand why it is unfragranced as it has been designed for e delicate skin on the face. My initial disappointment quickly changes to being seriously impressed. The suncream feels like savlon going on to my face, I can see the cream becoming thinner as I spread it out and it leaves a little trail of greasiness as I sweep the cream over my skin, but nothing compared to the other sun cream I was using. The good news is that less than 60 seconds later the sunscreen has completely absorbed, and my skin no longer feels greasy. 

I can’t measure the effectiveness of the SPF, but this is a factor 50 which gives me complete confidence that if I keep my sunscreen topped up my skin will be protected. This is a much lighter formula than the body cream I was using, and I think the cost of a full size tub of this cream is a really fair price for a sunscreen – especially as it will last for a while. Overall I’m really happy with this and I’ve decided to switch and use it long term. 

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