Balance Me ‘Congestion Skin Serum’ Review

I don’t have naturally ‘airbrushed’ skin, but in spite of all my imperfections in actually quite content with my skin. Naturally my face is quite oily, although whilst I do get the odd spot every couple of weeks or so I definitely don’t find myself thinking about spots very often. That said, when I do get a spot now it tends to be sore and angry. I’ve tried plenty of home remedies from toothpaste, to tea tree – but I’ve never tried anything specially designed for spot busting like this Balance Me serum that I recieved in July’s Roccabox. My Roccabox card says:

“A powerful serum can be the key to treating stubborn skin complaints and for an overnight attack on spot this serum put up a serious fight. Anti-microbial ingredients battle congestion, anti-bacterial properties tackle reactive skin and oily skin is left grease-free but not dried out.” 

This is a 7ml sample of the Congested Skin Serum. Full size, the serum sells in bottles of 15ml and the best price I could find for it today is £16.00 with free shipping from Based on this price, the full price is £1.06/ml, means my sample costs approximately £7.47. 

The serum is packaged in an upright white tube with a frosted clear plastic lid. The front of the tube has the brand and product in grey writing, and the product mentions that it is 99% natural. This messaged is emphasised by a flash of green and a silhouette of a plant leaf. The back of the tube shows the ingredients (above), place of manufacture (UK) and company contact information. The tube says:

“An ‘on the spot’ soothing gel designed to diminish blemishes and calm immflamation without causing dryness or irritation. Smooth a small amount of gel directly on to spots, blemishes or all over skin prone to breakouts.”

I tried the gel in two different ways:

On an old spot: When I opened my Roccabox I’d had a small spot for a couple of days, so it wasn’t sore, it was healing but it was still there. I applied the serum straight away the after opening the box, and enjoyed the cooling sensation of the liquid on my skin. It feels cool like a really good eye gel, but smells natural like other Balance Me items. Amongst other things, I can smell lemons or lemongrass in the formula, it smells fresh and invigorating. The area doesn’t dry out after application, but I can see the spot shrinking already. I applied the serum again the next night and I was delighted when I checked the next day and decided I would need no further applications as the spot had gone.

On a new spot: I was so happy with the results of my first test, when I felt the telltale ache of a spot starting to erupt I reached for the serum and applied it straight away. Again the serum felt cool on the area, and it really helped to take the soreness out of the area that was inflamed. The emerging spot did respond and shrunk away,  so I stopped using the serum and it came back bigger a few days later. The serum didn’t come with especially clear instructions, so I don’t know whether I should have let the spot come out before treating it, or used the serum more frequently, or whether there was something else I did (or didn’t) do that may have affected the result. 

Overall I think there are some really good things about this serum, and I’m still really impressed with how it clears up spots and it’s soothing properties. I’m going keep testing and trialling this little serum as and when I get a spot, but I’m not sure I’m going to buy anymore of it. If spots were a big problem for me then this would be amazing and I would definitely buy it, but as they don’t rate that highly on my list of things that bother me I think I’d prefer to spend my money on something else. 

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