Ciaté London ‘Glow-To Illuminating Blush’ Review

Some things are too gorgeous for words, and this Ciaté blush is one of those things. I first saw it in Look Incredible’s May box, and whilst I don’t subscribe to Look Incredible (yet – I’m thinking of moving my Roccabox subscription there… but that’s a post for another day), I did spend most of May ogling these pretty little compacts online. I was so excited when I saw this one looking up at me in July’s Cohorted box, my Cohorted booklet says:

“Preparer to blush and glow with the new Glow-To Illuminating Blush from Ciaté London. The unique proprietary blend, prisma technology combines silky matte blush with an ultra fine powder highlighter. Lasting up to 12 hours.”

This is a full size, 4g compact of blush in the shade Pinch Me. The best price I could find for the blush online today was £19.99 from The blush is also available in 5 other shades, including: Baby Doll, Date Night, In Too Deep, Matchmaker, Summer Love. 

The blusher is packaged in a pretty little box. The front of the box is black on the top and bottom, but is predominately a shiny metallic pink colour. The brand is written on the top black bar in white writing, and the product is written in black wiriting in the centre using a fun font. There are plenty of stars in black and white dotted throughout the pink shininess to convey the illuminating properties of the blush. The back of the box is black, with the product in shiny pink writing, and the rest of the text is white. The ingredients are later (above) and the place of manufacture (Italy). The company contact details ntact informatiknis on the bottom of the box. On the side f the box is a little description, it says:

“Prepare to blush and glow with GLOW-TO Illuminating Blush. Each matte cheek colour has been individually blended with ultra-soft pearl highlighter, so like a piece of art no two are alike. The result; a skin enhancing pop of colour and a brighter complexion that lasts.”

Inside the box is the blusher compact, and it is such a good looking blusher. The top of the blusher has an enamel like cream top with white, gold and silver stars set in to it. It’s really clever, the stars are set at different depths giving a 3D effect, the Ciaté branding is in gold writing,and the little bow logo is is white on the compact. 

The rest of the compact is a high shine silver coloured metal, and underneath there is a sticker displaying the shade, weight, place of manufacture and company contact details. I am a little disappointed my sticker isn’t central – I don’t mind if I’m picking up a cheap item, but when something is a little more expensive I expect a certain attention to detail. 

My sticker rage is forgotten as soon as I open up the blusher and gaze upon it’s splendour. Inside the compact is a really good little mirror, and on the bottom of the compact is the blusher. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, I can see the marbling between the pigment for the blusher and the shimmer for the illuminator, it’s incredible. The blusher is set into a lovely shape too with a bow in the centre. 

It’s really grey and dark today, and light levels are very low so I’m finding it really difficult to take a decent photo of a swatch. The left picture is no flash, the right has flash. One is slightly too pink, and one slightly too orange, and the true colour is so,where between the two. My first impression of the swatch is the the blush itself is a lovely creamy consistency, but isn’t as pigmented as I would have hoped for. It is quite shimmery though, and gives a lovely reflection in the light. 

Directions: For glowing colour, swirl brush into bother blush and highlight and apply directly to apples of cheeks.

Again, the pictures show no flash (left) and flash (right). Both of these pictures are actually pretty good colour likeness, but I wanted to include them both as the natural light shows the illuminating properties better and the flash shows the colour better. The colour reminds me a little of Benefits Sugarbomb, but it isn’t as pigmented. It took a lot of powder to build up the colour you see in the pictures above. 

Overall I’m really fond of this gorgeous little compact. Despite not being as pigmented as other blushers I’ve used it is a pretty good highlighter, and being able to blush and highlight could make for excellent time savings. This isn’t something I can see me using day to day as I do like to blush and highlight seperatly for bigger impact – even though it takes longer – but if I ever have to get ready quickly I will 100% reach for this. It could also be handy for travelling to save packing two items. I love this little compact, I’m going to sit and look at it for a little while longer before I put it away… 

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