Papanga ‘Spiral Hairbands’ Review

It’s my husbands birthday today, happy birthday to him. He had a new PlayStation game which he’s trying out, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to chat about these Papanga ‘Spiral Hairbands’ that I received in July’s Glossybox. I have really long hair, and I tie my hair up quite a lot to keep it from getting in the way, in buns or ponytails – you name it. I use elastic hair ties, and I pick them up in packs of ten for between £1-£2 from supermarkets, or pharmacy’s. I don’t have a favourite brand, so long as they don’t have metal on them and they are quite chunky (but not impossible to stretch) I like them. I’ve seen spiral hair bands before and I always wondered why someone would choose a spiral over an elastic – I’m so glad I get to find out. My Glossybox card says:

“Hair can damage and fray when you secure it with tight elastic hair bands. Not so with these spiral alternatives, which hold hair while preventing breakage and split ends.” 

I have recieved two Classic Edition hair bands in the shades Lollipop & Apple Green. The hair bands are available on 35 classic colours, 6 metallic colours, 4 flash colours and 6 elegance colours, and are available from The classic colours are £1.65 each, and each band is marked with * which denotes that it “includes 19% VAT plus £2.66 shipping costs.” As it’s not possible for a £1.65 item to include £2.66 shipping costs I’d assume they mean to say excludes, so be prepared to add VAT and shipping on to whatever you buy – just in case. My two bands are worth £3.30, before VAT.

The bands are packaged in a clear plastic box which shows off the bands inside. The bottom of the box has a white background, and black text which is written in German.

Inside the box are the two hair bands. In the centre of the hair bands are two white circular reels, designed to keep the bands in shape. The reels have the Papanga logo printed on them. 

Removing the reels I can see the hair bands are one continuous spiral all the way around. The bands are made out of plastic; they are a shiny and very bright in colour. The material is firmer than I expected. I was expecting them to be really soft but actually whilst there is give in the hairbands it’s solely due to the shape as opposed to the material.

I decide to try the pink hairband in a ponytail. I brush my hair into a hair ponytail and start to secure it in place with the hair band. When I use elastic bobbles I have snapped so many hairbands trying to fasten the bobble tight enough to hold my hair in place. Due to the shape of these bobbles I didn’t feel like that would be a problem for these. There is so much give in the spring that I could stretch them out plenty, to get my hair through the band, and they coiled back up afterwards to hold my hair in place. I wrapped the band around my hair three times altogether, and whist it wasn’t as tight as an elastic it didn’t feel like it was falling out,

All in all I really love this spiral hair band for day to day use, but I’m not sure if i would trust it to hold my hair in place when I go to the gym. Furthermore, I lose so many hairbands. I don’t know where they go but they just disappear. I don’t mind when they only cost a couple of pence to replace, but I’d be a bit more gutted if I lost one of these which are much dearer. After looking at all the beautiful colours of these hair bands I do want more, but I’m going to wait for them. What I hope is that one day they will sell multipacks of these, maybe with a financial benefit to buy the multipack, and then I would like to buy a few more. 

2 thoughts on “Papanga ‘Spiral Hairbands’ Review

    • fayesbox says:

      Do you know, I was also worried that my hair would get tangled in them, but it seemed fine. I don’t know if it’s before they are smooth, or because the plastic is actually quite rigid but the give is in the shape instead but it came out really easily. X

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