Cohorted July 2017 Unboxing

I went to see Coldplay in Cardiff last night, and had the most amazing time. If you like their music go and see them if you get the chance, they sounded amazing and had a great set list. If like my husband you’re not much of a fan you can totally still enjoy yourself because there are so many little surprises that make it a sensation. It was awesome, but I’m a little tired today so it was lovely to come home to this months Cohorted box. Cohorted is a luxury beauty box subscription which costs £35/month with free delivery. Last month I had £76.45 worth of items based on the best prices I could find for things online, so I definitely got good value for money.

I love the look of the Cohorted box. It’s a little black square box with the white Cohorted logo in the centre of the lid. Unlike the other subscription beauty boxes I buy the box has a flappy lid instead of lifting completely off. It looks stunning when it’s tied with a neat little bow, but isn’t the most practical for use afterwards, and I do like to keep and re use all my boxes – except the Cohorted ones.

Lifting the lid of the box I can see this months booklet included. The second page has a letter from the Cohorted team which gives a brief overview of the contents, and explains this months box is full of must-haves from Cohorted’s favourite brands. Page three has a table of contents, and lists the value of the box at £106. This makes me very happy! I do have an eye for a bargain, so I’ll be checking the value of the box when I shop for the lowest prices online against the RRP’s. The remainder of the booklet is dedicated to going through each of the items in the booklet, and the RRP for each item.

Underneath the booklet I can see that I have four items again this month, but they all look full size (or thereabouts – I’ll confirm throughout the month.) All of the items are makeup, which is fine by me as I had a lot of skin and hair stuff in the other boxes.

Bellápierre – Contour & Highlight Cream Palette: Last month I had four Bellápierre items in beauty boxes, and I was really impressed with the brand. This was Cohorted’s sneak peek item this month, and I don’t have a contour palette so I am looking forward to experiementing with this.

Ciate London – Glow-To Illuminating Blush: I spotted a Ciate blush in a rival luxury beauty box a few months ago. I can’t remember if it was the exact same one as this but I lusted after photos of it all month. This looks stunning, it’s made me very happy and I haven’t even tried it yet!

Doucce – Punk Volumizer Mascara: I had a Doucce Maxlash Mascara in the Limited Edition Cohorted box, and it was one of, if not the best mascara I have ever tried. Same brand, different mascara – I wonder what else it can add to my lashes?

Doucce – Luscious Lip Stain: Another Doucce item, and this one is a lip colour. I adore longwear lip colour as I get frustrated reapplying colour so I’m excited to see how long wearing this formula is.

My first impression of the Cohorted box is excellent, and I’m really happy with everything that’s been included. I can’t wait to try everything out, and when I do I will write a review about each item. At the end of the month I’ll come back and let you know whether I still loved the box after trying everything (that will be a yes I’m sure!), whether I had value for money, and what my favourite items are.

Update: 30.07.17 – I am seriously happy with this months Cohorted box once again and I love everything inside it. I had a huge £92 worth of items which is really good value compare to what I paid for the box.

A highlight of this box has been the Doucce Luscious Lipstick. The formula of the colour was incredible, and whilst I wasn’t sure about the shade lots of people commented to say that they adored it, so I’m definitely trying to push myself outside my comfort zone and wear it more.

The standout item was the Ciaté Illuminating Blush. This pretty powder was so cute, it’s a blush and a highlighter in one adoreable compact. I’m head over heels for it.

I’ve seen the sneak peek to next months box, and every subscriber is getting a TooFaced concealer which is very exciting. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that, and seeing what else it inside. Faye 💕

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