Glossybox July 2017 Unboxing

I really do have a soft spot for Glossybox. It’s the first subscription beauty box I ever tried, and one year on despite trying many other brands of beauty box I still adore it. If anything, I think Glossybox is getting better and better each month. I pay £10 per month plus postage for my subscription, and last month I had an outrageous £78.06 based on the best prices I could find when I shopped for the items online. It really was a cracking box, this one has a lot to live up to.

It’s grey and muggy today, and it’s such a shame as even with artificial light I can’t capture the beauty of this box. This month Glossybox have come out with a special edition coral coloured box. The box says “hello summer” in gold writing across the centre of the lid, and has the Glossybox branding printed on the side also in gold. It is beautiful and screams sunshine to me.

I have lots of things underneath the lid of my Glossybox this month. I have a flyer for 20% off, and the flyer describes it as the first hair band designed for your jewellery box. To take advantage of this you can use the code: GLOSSYUK2017. I also have an adorable pink thank-you card which is thanking me for being subscribed to Glossybox for a year, and as a thank-you Glossybox have also included a pink notebook for “My Glossy Notes”. Glossybox – this is a very sweet and well recieved gesture, thank-you very much. Also included is the product information card. The product information card starts with a letter from Evie the Editorial Director. Evie explains that this is the first of two special Summer boxes, meaning that next months box will be a little bit special too. The sneak peek for next month box is the design of the box – it’s very mysterious not seeing a product in the sneak peeks. The rest of the card talks me through the items in my box, how to use them, how much they retail for and where I can buy them.

Underneath my Glossybox card and thoughtful gift I can see my Glossybox is still beautifully wrapped up, but in keeping with the “Hello Summer” theme. My items are wrapped in coral coloured tissue paper, and tied with a neat little white bow. It’s so pretty I almost don’t want to open it – but then again I’ve seen the sneak peeks so I definitely do want to open it.

This month the items are nestled in white tissue paper, and I have 5 items this month. My card says I have 4 full size items too, although I’m pretty sure the 5th is also full size – I’ll check it later in the month. I have a good mix of items too – two makeup items, two skincare items and something for my hair.

Cutebalms – Macaroon Tint Balm: How cute is the packaging on this pink lip balm? I do have quite a few lip balms but they are always handy to have. They can also be some of the best fragranced items and for that reason I adore them. I hope this is super moisturising but not greasy.

Spectrum Collections – Small Fan Brush A10: This beautiful brush was the first sneak peek that Glossybox revealed on the product card last month, and I have been counting down the days to get my hands on it ever since. I had a Spectrum Tulip Brush in February’s Birchbox (review date 18.02.17), and I loved it. I love this already.

Bellápierre – Banana Setting Powder: Bellápierre was everywhere last month, and I was actually really impressed with most of their makeup. I still haven’t found my soul mate when it comes to setting powder, so I have high hopes for this.

Papanga – Spiral Hairbands: Oh hey, I had a flyer for these which I mentioned above. I know that some people really don’t like to receive hair ties in beauty boxes, but I am not one of those people. I have Borrowers or something in my house that steal all of my hair ties, so they are always welcome.

Monu Professional Skincare – Soothing Aftersun Lotion: I’ve tried two Monu items in beauty boxes, a face mask and reviving mist, and I’m developing a really good opinion of the brand. The face mask in particular is incredibly hydrating, but not heavy or greasy and I love it for that – I really hope this aftersun gives me the same results.

My first impressions of my Glossybox are once again excellent. These boxes keep getting better and better in my opinion, and they really are so well put together. Throughout the month I’ll be trying and reviewing each product, and after I’ve tried everything I’ll return to this article to update whether I still love my Glossybox, whether I had value for money, and what my favourite items were.

Update: 02.08.17 – Despite excellent first Impressions of this months Glossybox I didn’t get on with all of the items inside it this month, but the good news is that I got on with enough items to feel like I got excellent value for money. The value of my box came to £42.31, which is excellent value for money compared to the £10 I paid. The Bellápierre Banana Powder and Monu Aftersun were worth more than the cost of the box on their own!

A highlight for me was the Papanga Spiral Hairbands. These fun coloured bands are useful and look Fantastic, and I’d benn wanting to get my hands on some for ages.

The standout item was the Spectrum Fan Brush. With its soft bristles, and beautifil design this really is a thing of beauty.

Glossybox have started teasing us Glossies about next months box already, and whilst no items have been leaked yet we know it’s a box with a Summer theme again. I am so excited to receive it, roll on dispach day! Faye 💕

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