Evolve Organic Beauty ‘Radiant Glow Face Mask’ Review

I’ve always been a really particular eater starting with whatever I liked least on my plate, and saving my favourite food to the end. I think it’s because I had quite a small appetite but I was expected to finish my meal, so saving my favourite food item for last helped motivate me to keep eating, even if I was getting full. It’s funny, over the years the habit of saving my favourite thing until last has stayed with me, and sometimes crops up in other areas of my life. I don’t always approach my beauty boxes with this mentality, but I’m a little underwhelmed by Julys Roccabox so I’m hoping that if I start with the items I find least exciting I can build up to a high finish. My Roccabox card says:

“Raw cacao and coconut… half of the recipe to our favourite protein balls but also two key ingredients in this antioxidant packed omega-rich face mask. 100% natural, we’d be licking this delicious mask off our fingers if it didn’t do such amazing glow-inducing things to our skin: buffing, repairing and shiny rejuvinating it to perfection.”

This is a small, single use sample of the face mask. There is no volume measure on the pot to work out the value of my sample, but a full size 60ml bottle is £18 from naturisimo.com. Based on this price the face mask is approximately 30p per ml, I would guess my sample to be valued somewhere between 30p and £1.50, assuming it contains a volume of 1-5ml.

The sample is packaged in a plastic tub approximately the size of a 10p piece. The tub has a black shiny lid, and the bottom of the tub is brown packaging. There is a white sticker on top of the lid which has the branding, and underneath the tub is another white sticker which displays the product name. No other information is given, although the card mentions that this does contain sweet almond oil. The packaging really is no frills and I’ve realised that I really do get a sense of a brand through their packaging, I’m not sure what to expect from this.

Unscrewing the lid of the tub I’m hit straight away with the delicious smell of chocolate. The face mask is truly fragrant, and I can’t pick out any of the other components mentioned on the Roccabox card, but melted chocolate yes! Yes, I can smell the chocolate and it smells good. The face mask looks rich and shiny, like a chocolate genache. Between the look and smell this looks more like cake frosting than face mask!

There are no instructions on the packaging or Roccabox card, the instructions below are taken from naturisimo.com.

Directions: Apply a thick layer of Evolve Radiant Glow Mask on cleansed skin. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse clean with warm water. Warning: make sure hands are dry to apply the polish; do not add water to the jar.

I started to apply the mask to my face, but realised very quickly I didn’t have enough mask to cover my whole face – let alone with a thick layer. The smell of chocolate filled the room whilst applying the mask. I left the mask for five minutes as instructed, it remained moist and didn’t set or dry. When I was ready to remove the mask I wet my hands and rubbed before rinsing. The mask contains very coarse exfoliant, and gave my skin a very good scrub. The mask also appeared to melt away on contact with water, which I guess explains the warning above about keeping water away from the mix. When I was happy that I had exfoliated all over I removed any remaining mask with a damp washcloth.

Afterwards my skin did feel soft from the exfoliant, but it also feels like it had a residue on it. I couldn’t see any residue, it just left me with an overwhelming urge to wash my face and feel fresh and clean again. The lingering smell of chocolate also remained which was far more pleasant to experience. Overall I wasn’t bowled over by this face mask, and I’m not sure that a larger or better packaged version would have swayed my opinion. 

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