Roccabox July 2017 Unboxing

It's Roccabox time! I'm in a bit of a weird place with my Roccabox subscription, and I'm not sur what to expect from this box. The first two boxes were outstanding and totally blew me away. The third box I thought was uninspired, and I didn't love it. Last months box initially disappointed me, but actually I loved the items when I tried them and the box won me over. My Roccabox subscription costs £10 + £3.95 p&p per month. Last months box totalled £31.44 worth of products based on the best prices I could find online, so I definitely got my money's worth of goodies. Roccabox is different to other subscription boxes and each month work with a guest curator, and this month is The Sunday Girl. 

Roccabox have stayed true to their crisp white box, with the Roccabox logo printed in gold shiny writing on the front.

Inside the box I have a double sided product information card. The card begins by introducing this months curator, and then describes each item in the box in a little bit more detail. The card describes the items benefits, the RRP and the retailers website. 

Peeking under the information card I've got six items in my box this month, although I have to say it does look a little bit sparse. My card says I have one full size item and the rest are samples, and some are very small samples, single use I imagine. I don't mind having single use samples in beauty boxes, but I like them to be offset with a few larger items so that the box will last me until the next month – I'm not sure how long this box will last me based on first viewing. I'm also not sure about the mix of items. There is one makeup item, one hair item and the rest is skincare. I do like skincare but I find a mix more exciting. 

Soap & Glory – The Rushower Dry Shanpoo: I quite like Soap & Glory as a brand, but I don't use dry shampoo. This doesn't excite me in any way, but I'll try it.

Ellis Faas – Concealer: This is a full size concealer. I haven't heard of the brand before, but dark circles are the bane of my life so I do really hope this stuff is bright and sheer to give me the flawless undereye that I yearn for. 

Magic Organic Apothecary – The Cream Balm: It doesn't actually say what this balm does except that it's a multi tasker, so I'm guessing it's like the Dr.PawPaw or Dr. Lipp balms that I've tried from different boxes in the past. I'll Google it before I use it just in case.

Evolve Organic Beauty – Radiant Glow Face Mask: Ill be surprised if this super tiny pot covers my whole face, but I'll try it to see. It says that it's made using cacao and coconut, so I'm expecting it to smell good.

Balance Me – Congestion Skin Serum: I had terrible acne as a teenager, but as an adult my skin has been far more cooperative. I do however get the odd breakout, especially when my hormones are raging. When I do get a spot now it tends to be sore, and even though it's only one I'm still so keen to get rid of it, so I'm really looking forward to trying this.

Burts Bees – Cleansing Oil: I've heard good things about Burts Bees skincare, and I love cleansers but I have oily skin so oils don't usually work for me. I've been pleasantly surprised in the past though, and I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised again so I'll try this, and cross my fingers.

My first impression is that this is a bit of a mixed bag. I definitely haven't had that "Yay, this is so amazing!" feeling that I love when I find out what's inside my beauty box. BUT last months box was a definite grower, and so I'm not writing off this Roccabox just yet. I'll try everything out, and review each item throughout the month. At the end of the month I'll return and let you know what I thought, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items were. 

Update – 03.08.17:

I wasn't sure about this box when I first opened it, and now that I've tried anything I haven't changed my mind. It's impossible to correctly coat my box due to two of my samples not having sizes on them, but based on the most generous guess I can give my box is worth £28.71.

A highlight for me was the Ellis Faas Concealer. It's coverage is a little natural for my usual preference but it's always lovely to have a spare.

The standout item for me was the Balance Me Congestion Serum. I hope I don't need to reach for it often, but when I do I, glad it will soothe and reduce inflammation.

I think the time has come for me to part ways with Roccabox. Roccabox collaborate each month with a different beauty blogger to curate the box, and whilst this is definitely their unique selling point I also think it leaves them open to inferior boxes. The boxes I've loved in the past I've really loved, but the disappointing boxes have been too frequent for me. I'm not dropping to three subscriptions, new for August I will be trying a subscription box that I haven't tried before. All will be revealed in the next few weeks. Faye 💕

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