Latest in Beauty ‘The Festival Essentials Box’ Unboxing 

It turns out beauty boxes are like buses – I spend what seems like an eternity waiting for one to turn up, and they all come at once! I had a few deliveries today and thought I’d start with this one as it’s not a regular subscription box, but a one off Limited Edition beauty box. This Limited Edition is by Latest in Beauty, and I had a really great Beauty and the Beast box from them a while ago so when I ran out of things to try I thought it would be great to give another one of their boxes a go. By the way, that Beauty and the Beast box is still available, but it’s now in the Summer sale, you can read about it by clicking here. This box is The Festival Essentials box, and it was also in the sale reduced from £20 to £10 + £3.95 p&p. 

The items have come packaged in a plain, black box, and I haven’t shown it but not all of the items fitted inside the box. One of them, which I’ll include in the next picture, was included seperately and the whole thing arrived in a brown, bubblewrapped envelope. It’s not the slickest looking beauty box I’ve ever seen, but price was definitely what attracted me to this box. 

The box is completely overflowing with items, and there is a little bit of black shredded tissue paper in there too – it’s just so full that it can’t be seen! I haven’t got a booklet or information card included, which is a shame as I like to know about each item, but I have Google and anything I’m not sure of I can always look up. There are a whopping 11 items included in this beauty box, and there is a nice mix of makeup and skincare – with a few non beauty related items thrown in for good measure. 

Kitsch – Temporary Tattoos: I hope it’s not just me, but I don’t think you can ever be too old to enjoy temporary tattoos. This pack contains a few different designs and colours, and some of them are metallic silver which will catch the light beautifully. I hope that they are easy to apply, and don’t break up to quickly when I’m wearing them. 

MUA – Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette: I had an MUA palette in my first ever Glossybox last year, and it is one of the best eyeshadow palettes I own. I don’t own many bright eyeshadow colours, so I’m really looking forward to messing about with this and adding a pop of colour. 

Magn!tone – Wipeout: This seems pretty similar to the Glov Hydro Demaquillage I recieved in May’s Look Fantastic. I love my Glov, and I’m looking forward to trying this to see which is better. 

Palmers – Flip Balm: I used to use Palmers Cocoa Butter body lotion all the time as it’s really rich and hydrating, but I stopped when I decided I was actually going to try and stick to my diet as the smell reminds me of chocolate. It’s delicious. I hope this is just as nourishing, but without being greasy. 

Hang Dr. – Vitamin and Mineral Supplement: This is a very interesting little package which I think is meant to reduce hangover symptoms. I’m not going to write a review for these but if you want to try them they are available from where a pack of 6 is £2.99. My pack is a sample of 3 capsules making it worth approximately £1.49. 

Chrysalis – Chakra Expandable Bangle: This pretty silver coloured bangle is beautifully presented in a drawstring bag. The bangle can be added to other bangles to make a set, or worn alone. Again, I’m not writing a separate review for this item. The bangles are available from, and this one is at the special price of £12.50. 

Rimmel – 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora Nail Polish – I always like to try new shades of nail polish, but I’ve had mixed results from some of brands I’ve tried recently. I love the colour of this polish – I hope I love the finish too. 

Lancaster – Sun Beauty Sublime Tan – Sun cream is essential in the sunny weather to protect skin from harmful UV rays, but whilst it’s important to keep skin safe I also want my sun cream to smell good, and leave my skin soft. I also don’t want it to clog my pores. I can’t wait to try this. 

Merci Handy – Love & Hand Cleansing Gel: I had my first hand sanitizer from Merci Handy in April’s Glossybox, and I loved it so much I’ve bought other fragrances since – but I haven’t got this one which is New Wave. I’m not going to re-review it, but if you would like to read the original review I posted it 12.04.17, just scroll back in time through my posts. This is a full size 30ml bottle, and is available for £2.90 from 

Beverly Hills Formula – Perfect White Toothpaste: This toothpaste contains activated charcoal, I wonder if its one of those ones that makes teeth look black when brushing. I gave up smoking last December and since I’ve stopped I’ve been in pursuit of beautiful bright white teeth, so I hope this helps me reach my goal. 

Dentyl – Mouthwash: Whilst arguably more of a hygiene than a beauty item, fresh breath is pretty important. Not only do other people notice, but I also feel more confident if I’m minty fresh. I hope this mouthwash has a long lasting freshness, but doesn’t burn!

I’m already so happy that I bought this box. The bangle alone is worth more than the £10 I paid for the box, and there really are a lot of really great other items in here. I’ll test and review each of the items in the box (unless I’ve stated otherwise) and write up each one in detail. After I’ve tried everything I’ll come back and update this article to discuss my final thoughts on the box, what my favourite items were and whether I had value for money (that will be a yes…!) 

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