Batiste ‘Stylist Hydrating Oil’ Review

I know Batiste as a the brand for dry shampoo, but I don’t really use dry shampoo so I was really happy to see that Batiste also do a Stylist range. This hydrating oil that I recieved in June’s Glossybox is the last item I have to review until I get some new beauty boxes, so if I’m quiet for a few days I’m just sitting by the letterbox. Luckily it’s dispach time, so I shouldn’t have to wait too long. My Glossybox card says:

“This rather amazing oil infuses hair with Inca Inchi and Abyssinian oils, reducing breakage by up to 50% without leaving hair oily. Use before styling to protect and transform your hair or as a finishing touch for luxurious soft locks.”

This is a full size 200ml bottle of oil mist, which is available from multiple retailers for £4.49. It is currently part of a 3 for 2 promotion at

The spray is packaged in a gold coloured aerosol, with a fabulous turquoise coloured swirly pattern on the front. There is a white banner displaying the Batiste branding, and the product is displayed in a silver box. The shape of this can is quite cool, it has a slight hourglass shape which is different. The back of the bottle displays the ingredients and aerosol warnings (photo above), company contact details and place of manufacture (U.K.). The can also has a description, it says:

“Think oils will leave your hair greasy and heavy or can only be used on wet hair? Not us, our revolutionary mist with a blend of Inca Inchi & Abyssinian oil goodness instantly transforms the look of your locks whilst helping to protect it from the damage and stress of everyday styling. Simply spritz on whenever it is needed for hair that is nourished and hydrated. Hair is healthier, frizz free and sumptuously soft and smooth. It’s your daily shortcut to great looking hair.”

Directions: Hold can 30cm/12 inches from dry hair. Spray lightly over finished style for an extra boost of nourishing shine.

This spray is so easy to use. I started really tentatively just spraying the ends of my hair, but I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and use it more like hairspray – except I do not spray my roots. My hair is prone to greasiness and this hasn’t made my hair greasy at all. It doesn’t feel full of product either, which is good. The spray smells amazing, it reminds me of an old hairspray I used to use – it’s fruity and sweet and my hair smells great for ages after use. I’m not sure it does anything other than making my hair smell nice. I don’t notice that my hair is any softer, or shinier, it just seems the same. 

I’m going to finish this spray as it smells great and it would be a shame to waste it, but I’m not going to buy another Hydrating Oil. I’ve not been put off the range though, I think they are cute and affordable and I’m going to try some more items over the next few months to see how they compare. This was the last item I had to try from June’s Glossybox. To find out what I thought of the box, whether I had value for money and what my favourite items are click here and scroll to the bottom. 

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