Urban Decay ‘Naked Eyeshadow Palette’ Review

Eyeshadow palettes do something to me. I lose hours viewing different palettes online; viewing the shades and their names, comparing them to the swatches and thinking about all the different ways the colours can be used together. Whilst I love to look I’m not one to buy the newest palette as soon as it’s released – I’m really indecisive and I’ve always struggled to choose between palettes because I just want them all. This classic Naked Palette in Cohorteds Limited Edition ‘My Little Treat’ box truly is a treat for me.

This is a full size Original Naked Palette which contains 12 x 1.3g eyeshadows. The cheapest price I could find for this online today was £31.60 from Debenhams.com, where there is currently a 20% off promotion.

The palette arrives packaged in a box, the front of the box has the brand and product in enormous gold writing, and a beautiful depiction of the shades runs along the bottom of the box. The side of the box has the company contact information, and lists the palette as being made in USA, and assembled in Dominican Republic, with the brush being made in China. The back of the box has a bright, shiny gold band along the top with the brand and product. Again the shades are depicted along the bottom, and this time their names are listed too. The back of the box also has a description, it says:

“It’s the palette that revolutionised neutrals forever. Loaded with 12 bronze-hued shadows in an insane range of textures only UD could dream up – including matte, satin, shimmer and sparkle – Naked proves that neutral is anything but boring. From the palest champagne to the grittiest gunmetal, it’s all here. Whether you’re going for a laid-back, beachy vibe or black-tie drama, you’ll definitely look better Naked.”

The palette is brown velvet in coloure, with gold writing on it. The front of the palette has the product and brand, the company contact information and place of manufacture are in the back. The later Naked palettes are made of metal which are a lot easier to clean, I’m going to have to be really careful when using this not to get any makeup residue on it as it’s so pretty I want to keep it pristine.

Lifting the lid of the palette I’m actually really surprised that it’s cardboard based. There is a mirror on the lid of the palette, but it’s not the clearest so I won’t be using it. The Naked branding is printed in gold in the centre of the palette. The brush is a gold/bronze colour, and seems like a really nice brush. It’s double ended, and one end is slightly larger than the other to help create a variety of finishes.

Above is a better look at the shades.

The photo above shows how the shades swatch, top down of the swatches is the same as working right – left of the palette. Looking at each shade individually I’ll work down the swatch:

Gunmetal: This is a sparkly, shimmer dark grey shade, which has some larger pieces of glitter in to really catch the light in places as opposed to being completely irredescent like a highlighter.

Creep: Creep also has a bit of a sparkle to it, but of all the shades in the palette this is my least favourite shade. I was hoping it would be really bold so I could make a strong statement with it, but I find it quite wishy washy. Be brave Urban Decay!

Hustle: This is a dark brown shade that is so light reflecting it is almost metallic.

Toasted: This mid brown shade has hues of pink, and again is very light reflective and leaves a metallic finish.

Darkhorse: This is a matte dark brown shade. Again, like creep I want it to pack more punch with colour, but I have got Hustle as an alternative dark brown in the palette if I want to create a stronger colour.

Smog: This is my favourite shade in the palette, and is the most pigmented shade in the swatch. It’s a metallic bronze, but it looks like foil, beautiful.

Half Baked: Like Smog, this is another incredible pigmented shade that leaves a foil effect finish. I love this shade too.

Buck: This satin smooth dark brown shade is very silky, and delivers a better colour than Darkhorse.

Sidecar: This is another shimmery shade, but this time it’s a mid brown colour with pink hues. Again, it’s a very pigmented creamy shade.

Naked: This is another satin shade, and this is a mid brown which resembles milk chocolate.

Sin: Sin is a very light, shimmery shade with a pink hue. This could be useful as a highlighter for your brow bone and inner eye if you want to complete your eye look using one palette only.

Virgin: Virgin is a very pale, matte shade that matches the skin tone on the inside of my arm exactly, which is why it’s a little difficult to see. It does actually give great coverage, and delivers excellent colour.

After priming my skin with This Works primer, I apply Virgin to my eyelid, crease and take it all the way up to the browbone. Virgin is a very good match for my skin tone so I’m using it to even out colour creating a nice neutral canvas, and I’ll be blending all the colours I apply on top into it.

With a big fluffy brush I’m taking the satin shade Buck and building it up in the crease, and just above the crease, using little circular motions and working from the outside of the eye in.

Using a small precision brush I applied Darkhorse to the outer V of my eyes.

Using a clean blending brush I blended it out into the other shades.

Before I forget (which I’ve done before…) I turn my attention to the underneath of my eye. I use a Spectrum tulip brush to apply quite a wide layer of Virgin, and using a precision brush apply Darkhorse to the lash line, and smudge it just a little.

I mentioned that Smog was my favourite shade, so I absolutely had to use it. I applied it just to the outer part of my eyelid to about halfway into the eyelid.

I applied Half Baked to the inner part of my eyelid, and finished with Doucce mascara on my upper lashes and Rimmel liquid eyeliner.

Overall, I am so happy that I have this eyeshadow palette, and I’m even more happy that it’s a genuinely good palette and not an overhyped craze. Whilst I wish that some of the darker shades were a little bolder, there are enough shades in here that I will use all the time to make this a really useful palette for me. I especially love the shimmery shades with their rich, creamy pigmented formula. Now I just need to try the Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Heat palettes to compare!

This was the last item to try from Cohorteds My Little Treat Limited Edition box. To find out what I thought of the box, whether I had value for money, and what my favourite items were click here and scroll to the bottom of the article.

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