Noughty ‘Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner’ Review

I am a bit of a conditioner addict, I wash my hair every other day and I condition every time I wash as my hair is lightened and it really needs it. In the past I’ve tried shampooing only and the result for me is straw-like hair that I can’t get a brush though. Testing this item is actually quite a big deal for me. I don’t have a very good opinion of leave in conditioners. I have tried a couple over the years and I’ve either found them to be really heavy, or they simply don’t work – so I’m feeling more apprehensive than excited about trying this leave in conditioner from June’s Glossybox. My Glossybox card says:

“Leave-in conditioner couldn’t be easier. With shea butter and argan oil, this gets to grips with dry, frizzy, damaged hair as well as smoothing split ends. It’s also vegetarian and vegan-friendly.”

This is a full size 150ml tube of Noughty which is available from for £6.99 plus postage. You can get 25% off your first order until 15.08.17 using the code GLOS25. 

The conditioner is packaged in a soft, lilac coloured squeezy tube, and I can smell the scent of the conditioner through the packaging. In fact the scent is so clear it’s my made my whole Glossybox smell, which is a good thing as it smells lovely. The fragrance reminds me of holiday; there is coconut or something similar in the fragrance which reminds me of a lovely sun cream. The front of the tube has the brand and product written in black, purple and white writing. On the back of the tube the cream says it’s not tested on animals, contains the company contact information and place of manufacture (UK). The ingredients are also listed (see photo above). The tube also says:

“Hair in distress needs a knight in shining armour. Our 97% natural, intensive leave-in conditioner helps to banish damaged hair and split ends. Super-quenching shea butter and argan oil nourish and protect hair, leaving it stronger for longer. No water needed, easy prays!”

Directions: After washing, apply to towel dried hair. Use sparingly, avoid the roots and apply to the lengths of the hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Don’t rinse away, just style as normal. 

I shampooe my hair, today I’m using Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo, and squeeze out the excess water. My hair feels so weird, it’s dry and scratchy not smooth and shiny – I put my hair in a towel while I dry off. When I’ve finished drying I let my hair out of the towel – it’s not soaking wet as the towel has absorbed a lot of water, but it’s not dry either. I consider trying to detangle it, but immediately decide I’ve got no chance and reach for the Noughty. I squeeze out a little of the white cream (I use about half of what I would use to condition my hair normally) and start applying it to the ends of my hair working out the big tangles with my hands as I come across them. I feel so relieved – the conditioner is really effective and the tangles work out really easily. My hair smells gorgeous too. 

I’m really pleased to say that despite being unsure before I tried this conditioner it actually works, and my hair else really nice afterwards. I can’t think of any benefits of using leave in conditioner as opposed to in shower conditioner as overall they both took about the same amount of time to do – I think at the need of the day whichever you choose is down to personal preference. My preference is still in shower probably out of habit, and I quite like being in the shower, but if yours is leave in conditioner then this is an excellent, and good value option. 

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