First Aid Beauty ‘Facial Radiance Pads’ Review

The holiday season is upon us, and a lot of items in beauty boxes are included with travel in mind. These First Aid Beauty toning wipes in June’s Look Fantastic are a perfect example of such a product. I use Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris, and I’ve used it for many years now so I buy the huge 400ml bottles as they work out cheaper per ml, but when it comes to packing for a holiday I always wish I had bought smaller bottles. On the one hand I want to look after my skin when I go away, but on the other hand I could pack more makeup in exchange for the weight of the bottle. Maybe these wipes will offer me a solution. My Look Fantastic booklet says:

“Travelling is great for your Wanderlust, but not great for your complexion. Keep your skin healthy and glowing with FAB’s Radiance Pads, which are suitcase friendly thanks to their no liquid formula. The contain a blend of lactic and glycolic acids to revitalise tired complexions.”

This is a sample size tub containing 28 wipes. Full size the wipes sell in tubs of 60 wipes, and are available from for £19 with free delivery. Based on this price the approximate cost per wipe is 31p, meaning my sample is worth £8.87.

The pads are packaged in a white tub. The lid of the tub has a sticker on the top, the bottom is a lovely shade of sky blue, and the top is white with shiny silver stripes. The brand, tub size and product are printed on the front in English and French. There is also a blue label running around the side of the tub with silver detailing. Again, the brand and product are displayed, along with the company contact details and place of manufacture (USA). Underneath the lid the pads are kept fresh by a foil seal. 

Under the seal I can see a neat little stack of wipes. They don’t smell very strong, but I’m glad because they also don’t smell particularly pleasant. My parent have always had a great collection of vinyl music, and the smell reminds me of record cleaner – that’s the closest thing I can think to describe it to. 

The size of the pads are roughly the same as the cotton wool pads I use to apply my usual toner, except they feel a little bit softer than the pads I currently use. The surface of the pad has gentle bumps along it, but it’s not a vigorous exfoliation. 

The pads are very thin, much thinner than my usual cotton wool pads. Perhaps this is why they feel so soft. 

Directions: Wipe pad across face, neck and décolleté once or twice daily after cleansing.

After washing and cleansing my face, I dry my skin and use one of the Facial Radiance Pads to tone. The pad feels very wet, and my skin is left quite damp after toning. The liquid does absorb completely, but it adds five minutes to my morning routine (which is precious time as I’m terrible in the mornings!) I’m sure on holiday it would be much quicker in the heat. Afterwards my skin feels like there’s a thin film on it, or like it has been coated in something. The feeling does go away after I apply my serum, and moisturiser etc. But I don’t enjoy the feeling of something coating my skin, I generally prefer products that absorb into nothing. 

Overall, I think these wipes are a lovely idea but I am definitely going to be sticking with my current toner for day to day use. Whilst I’m not totally sold on the formula I’m going to keep my sample for holidays because for me the packing benefits outweigh their performance, at least in the short term. This was the last item that I tried from June’s Look Fantastic box. I have updated the original unboxing article to discuss what I thought of the box, whether the box was value for money and what my favourite items were. You can read the article by clicking here.

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