Sleek MakeUp ‘Power Plump Lip Crayon’ Review

I would love to be able to describe my lips as full or large but I have really thin little lips. I’ve thought about having lip fillers in the past but I’m too scared to try them. I’m not scared it will hurt, but I know that if I have them I will either love them and need to keep them up, or I will hate them and have to put up with them until they subside. No, fillers aren’t for me – which means that I am a sucker for trying any cosmetics that claim to give me a little lip boost. As such I’m really glad to receive this Sleek Lip Crayon in June’s Glossybox which claims to make your lips look bigger. My Glossybox card says:

“Nothing is more satisfying than drawing the perfect colour. This pretty shade contains a lip-tingling ingredient which encourages blood to the surface of lips, making them look plumper.”

This is a full size 3.6g lip Crayon in the shade Colossal Coral. The crayon is also available in Fuchsia, Notorious Nude, Raving Rouge, Berry Burst & Power Pink. The best price I could find for this online today is £5.49 from, where there is currently a 3 for 2 promotion on selected Sleek products.

The crayon is a black coloured chunky pencil, with a plastic tip in the colour of the shade on the end. The shade name and size is recorded in white text near the end. The brand and product are printed on the pencil, but also in black writing which makes it quite hard to see. The lip has a sticker on it which says the crayon is produced in China, and has the company contact address.

Ingredients: microstalline wax, polybutene, ethylhexyl palmitate, tridecyl trimellitate, hydrogenated polysobutene, isopropyl myristate, mineral oil, ceresin, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, caprylic/capric triglyceride, menthone glycerin acetal, vanillyl butyl ether, phenoxyethanol. 

The crayon has a chunky nib, which will make this a lovely pencil to use for great coverage, but I’ll need to be a little more careful if I want precision. Swatching the colour on the back of my hand I’m happy that the co,our is a little lighter than it looks on the packaging. The shade is a really soft coral colour, quite light and perfect for Summer. 

I would usually prime my lips by applying primer and concealer, to give them a neutral canvas and really make the colour pop. I, not doing that today as I don’t want to put a barrier between my skin and the lip crayon. I begin with my lower lip before applying the lip liner to my upper lip. I’ve decided to go all out with this lip crayon and see what it can do, so I then fill in my lips with the crayon, the chunky size means I can do this really quickly.

After a few minutes I can feel the lip crayon making my lips tingle. It doesn’t hurt, and it’s not uncomfortable – if anything I feel quite excited because I can feel it working. Despite being able to feel the crayon making my lips tingle my lips don’t look any bigger, although they feel more pouty. I do like the colour though, I don’t have a lipstick that is this colour and my lipsticks are usually a lot darker so this crayon could make a nice change. 

Overall this is a decent lip crayon at a good price, but I think their key selling benefit is a little gimmicky as it didn’t increase the size of my pout. I won’t be buying anymore of these crayons as I prefer a smaller pencil with a fine point, but this one won’t go to waste as I will use it as a lip colour. 

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