Bellápierre ‘Shimmer Powder’ Review

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with shimmery cosmetics so I thought I would stick with the glitter one more time. This sparkly powder is included im June’s Look Fantastic, my Look Fantastic booklet says:

“This  loose shimmer powder is beautiful to use as a highlighter on the cheekbones, the Cupids Bow and on the inner corner of the eyes to highlight and accentuate your features. The irredescent sheen is perfect for all skin tones and will leave you wi a gleaming radiance.”

My Look Fantastic booklet calls this “Shimmer Highlighter”, but most websites list is as “Shimmer Powder Eyeshadow”. I’m just going to keep it simple and call the article “Shimmer Powder”, but I’ll be using it as a highlighter. This is a full size 2.35g pot of powder in the shade Excite, which is a white irredescent shade. The powder can be bought for £10.39 from with free delivery. The powder is available in a range of 56 shades, which span the colours of the rainbow.

The shimmer powder is packaged in a clear plastic jar with a black shiny lid. The Bellápierre branding is on top of the lid in silver. Underneath the lid is a sticker with the shade name, and ingredients (above). It also contains the company contact information and the place of manufacture (USA). 

Unscrewing the lid I can see there’s a little piece of plastic holding the powder in, but with holes in the centre to shake out a little powder when required. I don’t know why but I find I make more mess with these shakers than I do just dipping my brush into the loose powder and tapping. A little of the loose powder has made its way through the holes, and I can see that it’s very shimmery.

Rubbing a little powder on to the back of my wrist I’m seriously impressed how pearlescent and shiny this gorgeous powder comes out. I hardly have to use any powder to create the shimmer you see above, this is packed with light.

I decided to apply the powder to my cheekbone first. I wouldn’t normally use such a small brush to apply highlighter to my cheeks, but my oh my can you see the trail of light following the brush? It looks like a shooting star. The reason for using such a small brush is to show how the powder would look when applied with a smaller brush. As the powder is also an eyeshadow but isn’t a colour I wanted to do an eyeshadow look with, I wanted to show how much colour you could get out of these little pots.

I applied the powder to my brow bone – again a lovely bright glow followed behind the brush. I really did find it very easy to create highlight that popped – it was very eye catching and exactly what I look for from a highlight. 

It’s safe to say I loved this powder, and yes I have already spotted some incredible looking colours online that I want. Freeze is a bright, light blue which looks like it has a green tone to its sparkle, and yes I really want it. The only thing I can’t quite agree with myself on is whether any single eyeshadow, regardless of how good it is, is worth £10+. Im not sure, and ultimately I think the pricing may put me off getting loads of these – although I might add a few shades to my birthday list! 

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