Bellápierre ‘Glowing Palette’ Review

I’m sure that most beauty boxes really look forward to the moment they announce their sneak peeks on social media so they can watch the flurry of likes, shares and comments as subscribers start to get excited about their next months box, but I imagine this is especially true for Cohorted’s sneak peek for their June box. This Bellápierre palette really is the star of June’s Cohorted, and is not an item I ever expected to receive in a beauty box. Also, have I mentioned I love highlighters? I am such a fan of shimmery irredescent makeup, so this really is right up my street. The Cohorted booklet says:

“Illuminators draw attention to and bring forward any areas of the face where emphasis is desired. This Glowing Palette contains six illuminator options to suit a wide range of skin tones. Formulated with natural ingredients, these illuminator melt seamlessly into the skin and can be layered, whether the goal is natural or dramatic look.”

Cohorted have featured Bellápierre as their brand discovery this month, which means they write up a little about the brand. They say:

“Bella Pierres mineral makeup is part of their all natural cosmetics line. The mineral makeup gives you an amazing look, while it enhances the health of your skin. Bella Pierre have great mineral makeup, for your lips, eyes, and your entire face. Enjoy all the great features, provided by the best mineral makeup in the industry. Bella Pierre manufacture and product all of our mineral makeup. This means they can constantly shift their attention to the latest in mineral makeup trends. They produce the best mineral makeup, which coincides with the hottest beauty trends and provides customers with a professional mineral makeup appearance. Professional, because their mineral cosmetics give you a subtle look, which enhances the natural beauty of your face.”

This is a full size Glowing Palette, which contains 6 different highlighting shades. The total weight is 17.28g. The best price I could find this for sale was where it is £32, with free delivery.

I’m going to try really hard not to constantly compare this to the Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Glow Kits, but there are lots of similarities which I think I ought to mention. To start with the palette is a similar size to the ABH palettes, and also comes packaged within an outer sleeve. The front of the sleeve has a picture of a beautifully highlighted model on the left, and the 100% Natural Minerals benefit is displayed at the bottom of the picture in white text on a black background. A shiny gold line divides left from right, and the right side of the sleeve has a pewter coloured background. The brand is written in gold writing, the product in white writing, and the shades are displayed at the bottom.

The back of the sleeve is also divided in two parts. This time he left side is pewter, and the brand and product names are repeated in the same colour scheme as on the front of the palette. The shades are shown again, this time a little larger, and this time the shades also show their names. The ingredients are also displayed in white text on a black background (photo above), along with the company contact information and place of manufacture (PRC – China). Again, a gold line divides left from right, and this time the right side has a cream coloured background. There is a little description at the top which echoes what was written in the Cohorted booklet, and it’s translated in French. Application instructions are also recorded which I’ll come back to later.

Inside the sleev the palette is much more simplistic, and I prefer this look. The colourscheme reflects that of the sleeve and has a pewter coloured background, and the brand is displayed in shiny gold text. The product name is written underneath in white writing, and the shades are represented as colourful circles below.

The back of the palette is also much less cluttered than the sleeve, and again displays the shades and their names. It also repeats the ingredients, company contact information and place of manufacture.

The palette itself is cardboard, like the ABH palettes, and the ends are magnetised so that the palette closes, and stays closed after use. Inside the lid of the palette is a decent sized mirror, which gives a really nice view for makeup.

Looking specifically at the shades, there is a good mix of colours and tones. The colours used remind me a little of the colours used in the ABH & Nicole Guerriero Palette, which I am obsessed with, but there are a few differences between the two.

It took a few rubs to swatch up these colours. The shades are quite subtle, but after three – four applications I built up enough colour to show off the tones of the highlight. I swatched the palette starting top left, bottom left, top middle, bottom middle, top right, bottom right. Working down my arm starting from the top swatch, here is each shade in a little more detail:

Moonshine: This shade looks like a light purple or lilac colour in the pan, but on my skin it looks almost white. It’s cool, which is a lovely contrast to the other very light shade in the palette.

Beam: This shade looks ivory in the pan, but on skin the lovely warm tones of this highlight come out and glow almost a soft gold colour.

Stellar: This incredibly soft baby pink colour is so light it’s barely pink, which is perfect for creating a sheen with a subtle hint of colour.

Amorous: I really love this shade. This is also pink, but whereas it looks a little like dusty rose in the pan on skin it’s a really bright, colourful mid pink colour.

Glimmer: This is another one of my favourite shades, it looks like a soft fawn colour in the pan but on skin it is a bright shade of gold.

Gilt: Gilt is the darkest shade in the pan, and swatches a beautiful bronze colour. Gilt also took the least amount of swatches to build up a colour sample that can be seen.

Application: Gently sweep on to any areas you want to emphasise. The areas of the face that illuminator said are typically applied to are the highest points of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, along the Cupid’s bow, underneath the brow bone, and to the inner corners or the eyes.

I do my makeup in a bay window, so whilst it should be really well lit from all sides I seem to get enormously varying photos of each side of my face. Both of the photos above were taken at the same time, and I’m wearing exactly the same makeup in both of them, but the position of the Sun has led to the disparity which I’ll talk you through below. From the palette I’m wearing the shade Amorous on my cheekbones. Of course, these shades can be mixed together but I’m a huge fan of pink and I just wanted to try it out. The photo on the right is a good representation of the colour, and the photo on the left is a good representation of the highlight. The highlight is actually quite subtle, I had to apply, and apply, and apply to build up the glow you see in that photo but after a few layers I was lit and very happy with the finish.

This is a very beautiful palette and I feel very lucky to have recieved it. I think it would make an excellent highlighter palette for someone who likes a natural look as it goes on quite subtle, but is buildable. This also makes it a good day/work highlighter. It has a really great variety of shades and tones – some warm, some cool, some pinks, some golds – all shimmery and all beautiful. I’ve compared this a few times to ABH Glow Kits and if you’re trying to decide between the two I think both are excellent, but the ABH has more pow if that’s your thing. I get the same amount of highlight from one application of the ABH palette as I do from 3-4 of this one, and I love intense highlight so for me I prefer ABH. Despite my comparisons this is a highlighting palette in its own right, and as such there is room in my makeup collection for both palettes to be used regularly. For me, I’m going to use this Bellápierre palette for work, and keep my ABH for evening.

This is the last item from June’s Cohorted box to review. To see what I thought of the box overall, whether I had value for money, and what my favourite item should were click here!

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