Manna Kadar Cosmetics ‘Sheer Glo Illuminator’ Review

After six months of receiving multiple beauty box subscriptions, I’m starting to notice the some brands are really taking advantage of the customer base they can attract by including products in a monthly beauty box. One such brand is Manna Kadar Cosmetics. I had never heard of them before I recieved their HD Powder in April’s Birchbox, and they are very difficult to find in the UK, but fast forward two months and I’ve recieved this illuminator from their range in June’s Glossybox. I adore shimmery makeup. I love powders, creams, face highlighters, eyeshadows – you name it and if it shimmers the chances are that I will love it. Not all shimmery cosmetics are created equal, and some deliver far more light than others so I hope this will dazzle. My Glossybox card says:

“Who would say no to a little more glow? This is like liquid light when dotted along cheekbones. Or, blend it with your usual foundation to create a dewier look.”

This is a 20ml tube of illuminator. My Glossybox card doesn’t list this as a full size item, but this is the only size I can find for the Glo online, including on the Manna Kadar website. The illuminator is quite hard to find online, but is available to buy from where it is $29.00. Based on today’s exchange rate that’s £22.77. Remember, if you are buying from the UK you will also need to pay postage and tax. A cheaper way to get your hands on this if you like it is to try a selling platform like eBay or Amazon – just be really careful if you buy from them. Things to consider are opened/used items being sold as new, fake items which look the same but contain a different formula, slow delivery, or no delivery at all – the list goes on but looking at the sellers feedback, or messaging the seller can help you decide whether you want to trust that what you think you’re buying is what you’re going to get.  Remember, if it looks to good to be true it probably is. 

The illuminator is packaged in a frosted clear tube to show the shimmery pink of the liquid inside. The tube has a glossy white lid. The front of the tube has the word Glo in beautiful gold/bronze writing, and contains the brand and weight in white text. The back of the tube has the company contact details, and place of manufacture (China). It also says:

“An incondescent liquid that lights up skin with oil over radiance. Mix with foundation or wear alone – great for all skin types to provide a natural luminous glow. Use on face and/or body to create a youthful glow and illumising sinish – sheer genius”. 

The tube has a precision nozzle to help apply highlight to just key areas, but it’s easy to squeeze out a lot more if you want to. I squeeze out a little blob on the back of my hand – at first glance it looks very pink and I’m concerned about how I’m going to work this into my makeup. 

As I start to spread out the illuminator it really comes to life. The more I spread it, the more it starts to shine in the light, and the paler the pink colour becomes. That tiny little blob of illuminator was enough to cover my entire hand in shimmer – a little really does go a long way. 

For Use With Foundation. I have oily skin, so I seem to spend my entire life mattifying my makeup. The thought of creating a dewy look has just never entered my head due to my constant battle with shine. But, I have three highlighters to try this month so I wanted to do something different with this one as it’s a liquid and I think will be the most versatile. 

I’m starting by mixing one pump of my foundation, with a little squirt of Glo. I’ve shown them separately in the photo to show the proportions, but I gave them a good mix before I applied it to my face so I didn’t end up with any patchy areas. The foundation I’m using is Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin, and I’m using shade 250 Fresh Beige, and my foundation brush is from Boots No.7. 

I primed my face using Benefit That Gal Primer, filled my eyebrows using the Sport FX pencil I received in April’s Glossybox, and applied a teenie bit of Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach under my eyes to help even out the colour, before applying my foundation/illuminator mix with my foundation brush. I use the foundation brush to distribute the liquid fairly evenly, and then I blend it using the Nanshy blender I recieved in March’s Roccabox. The above photo shows the result without any powder or concealer, etc. 

I think the result is really striking – and whilst I like to appreciate it in a photo I know that if I wore it out I’d be forever fighting the urge to mattify myself with some powder. If you feel like me you could also try layering the Glo on top of the primer and below the foundation to create a more subtle look, or you could just mix a little Glo with foundation on areas you want to highlight later. 

For Use As A Highlighter: As I mentioned above I’m not really one for dewy skin, but I am one for blinding highlighter in key places on my face and body. 

To create a flash of light on my cheekbones, I dotted a little Glo along the cheekbone and used my finger to blend it. I’ve applied the Glo on top of the already glowing foundation mix I described above, but it can also be used on top of a matte look to highlight key areas. What I love about this illuminator over and above other liquid illuminator I have tried is how blendable it is. Very often when I try liquid highlight it leaves a water mark on top of the make up, so yes there is a lovely shiny light but it also appears to have a border. This blends seamlessly so it looks more like a powder on the skin, but it packs the punch that a liquid can deliver. I love the glow I’ve created on my cheekbone, but if it’s not enough you can add powder highlight over the top of this to take it to another level. 

I really, really like this liquid highlighter – but I don’t like it £22 + shipping and taxes. I got stung with taxes buying makeup from the US before, and I’m a little wary of importing makeup now. I really hope that Manna Kadar Cosmetics start to move more into the UK market, and that that’s why they have been in a couple of boxes recently, as I’d definitely buy this again with reduced shipping costs. I intend to use this under my powder highlighter to really give me an incredible highlight, every time I want to dazzle and shine.

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