Monu ‘Rosewood Reviving Mist’ Review

I first tried the brand Monu last month when I recieved a face mask from their range in May’s Roccabox, (review: and I absolutely loved it. As for a reviving mist – I’ve heard of it before but it’s not something I’ve ever looked and felt that I wanted to buy. I’m really looking forward to finding out if I’ve been missing out, and I’m very glad to have recieved this mist in June’s Look Fantastic so I can put it to the test. The Look Fantastic booklet says:

“This lightweight facial mist contains a nourishing blend of lemon, rosewood and sandalwood to refresh the skin and revive fatigued completions in need of a little energy boost. You can even use it o fix your makeup on warm, summer days!”

This is a 40ml sample of revitalising spray. Full size, the spray sells in 180ml bottles and is available for £19.95 from Based on the price of the full size spray, this spray is 11p per ml, which means the sample is worth approximately £4.43. 

Thebosray is packaged in a white bottle with a clear plastic cap and spray nozzle. The front of the bottle has an olive green stripe of colour, with the brand name running through it in white text. The product name is printed in black writing on the front. Rotating the bottle clockwise the bottle advises there is no animal testing, and displays the company contact details and place of manufacture (UK). The ingredients are also listed (see photo above). 

Rotating the bottle again the product explains that it’s paraben free, and warns to avoid contact with eyes. 

Directions: Close eyes and spray evenly over the face from 30cm. Alternatively, use to refresh and lightly fragrance the body. It is also perfect to fix makeup by lightly spraying the face. 

It is ridiculously hot this week (which I love, Summer is my favourite season) so it seems the perfect time to test this little beauty. The first time I try it is as a refreshing spritz on clean, in-made skin. I notice immediately the invigorating scent of the spray – I can smell the lemon but I can also smell herbs. The fragrance is instantly refreshing but light and short lived. The second thing I notice is the cool, refreshing feel of the spray on my skin. It’s only a few droplets of mist but combined with short, sharp hit of fragrance it really makes me feel awake and invigorated. 

I also tried using the spray to set my makeup. My experience was very similar to what I described above, but I’m not sure if it prolonged my makeup. 

I am going to keep using this spray until the sample has finished. It’s a nice spray – I’m going to use it on hot days to feel cooler, in the morning to wake me up and I’ll keep using it on top of makeup but I won’t buy more of it is because I don’t think I really need it. There’s quite a lot in the bottle so if I change my mind before it runs out and seeing it having a permanent role in my skincare routine I’ll come back and update this article, but I don’t think it’s likely. Monu have made the spray really well and I don’t have any criticisms of it except that I just don’t think I need it. 

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