111 Skin ‘Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel’ Review

At the start of the year I received quite a few eye creams, and I’m still using the OOlution Eye Love cream that I recieved in March’s Glossybox (Review: https://fayesbox.com/2017/03/15/oolution-eye-love-product-review). Three Glossyboxes later, and June also delivers me and eye cream, but this one seems very different to the OOlution cream. My Glossybox card says:

“This is one of the most luxurious eye products out there. It does everything you want an eye gel to do; reducing the appearance of dark circles, minimising puffiness and softening he appearance of fine lines, all while keeping the eye area hydrated. Use your ring finger to gently apply it around the orbital bone.”

This is a 5ml sample of the eye gel. Full size, this gel sells in 15ml bottles which are available for £110 from 111skin.com. Until 15.07.15 you can enjoy 20% off this price on the website using code GLOSSYBOX20. I like to cost my items based on their full price value, meaning this eye gel is £7.33 per ml, or £36.67 for the sample. 

The eye gel is packaged in a maroon bottle with a shiny silver lid. On the front of the bottle in white writing is the brand, and product. It also mentions the Harley Street Clinic in London. The back of the bottle names Dr. Y Alexandrides MD, and lists the ingredients (above), place of manufacture (China), and company contact information. 

Directions: Gently apply to the delicate area around the eye. Use day and night. 

If you got one of these in your Glossybox and it doesn’t squirt – neither did mine. I rotated the nozzle, shook it, bashed it really hard and finally believing it was empty unscrewed the bottle to check. There was a clear/milky coloured gel inside, and although I would have preferred to squirt it out I was happy to make do dabbing it under my eyes, but it turns out my tinkering accidentally fixed it. I squeezed out a little of the clear/milky coloured gel and inhaled the scent. Unusually for an eye gel it is fragranced and smells a little powdery and flowery, like a perfume. The fragrance is light and fades quite quickly. I don’t mind as it’s such a delicate area I don’t want to use something overly fragranced which may irritate my skin or eyes.

One squirt seems to release a lot of gel – and this stuff is expensive so one squirt can be used for both eyes. I tried a squirt per eye at first, but there was so much product it didn’t absorb properly. I dabbed the gel around my orbital bone, and gently started to pat back and forth along the area to disperse the cream. The gel is very, very cooling – which feels incredible in the unusually hot weather we’re lucky enough to be having at the moment. When I share one pump between both of my eyes I cover the area well, but the gel sinks in quickly. I don’t notice a visible difference compared to the oOlution, but my eye area feels lifted and tighter (but not uncomfortable). 

I am really enjoying trying this 111 Skin eye gel, and I’m happy with the results, but it’s not something that will become a regular in my skin care routine. For me, the cost is a little steep and the results aren’t dramatic enough to justify the price tag. I’m going to enjoy using every drop of this sample, and I’m very grateful to Glossybox and 111 Skin for the opportunity to try it. 

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