Bellápierre ‘Kiss Proof Lip Créme’ Review

Bellápierre is everywhere in beauty boxes this month, and I’ve been lucky enough to receive two ‘Kiss Proof Lip Créme’s’. The really good news for me is I had two different shades – one from June’s Cohorted, and one from June’s Roccabox. As only the shade is different I’ve decided to review them both together. The Roccabox booklet says:

“In our quest to find the perfect nude lip (is anyone not on that quest??) we stumbled across this. And boy are we glad we did. This liquid lippy goes on creamy but sets to a long-lashing and seriously Insta-worthy finish. Did we mention it’s the perfect shade of nude?”

The Cohorted booklet says:

“Bellápierre Kiss Proof lLip Crémes are full coverage, high impact liquid lipsticks that last for hours without the need for touch up. Their creamy formula goes on smoothly and dries to a beautiful matte finish in a snap!)

These are both full size, 3.8g liquid lipsticks. I have the shades Antique Pink and Incognito, but the lip créme is also available in the shades: Orchid, Doe, Rose Petal, Hibiscus, Vivacious, Hothead, 40’s Red, Black Dahlia, Nude, Brown Shell, Coral Stone & Muddy Rose. The cheapest I found the lip créme for sale today is £16.95 + delivery from 

The lip créme is packaged in a black box, and one end of the box is coloured to reflect the shade choice. The front of the box displays the brand, product and shade names in shiny silver writing. Rotating the box clockwise and the company contact information and place of manufacture (P.R.C. (China) ) are written in white writing. 

On the back of the box are the ingredients – see photo above.

The final side of the box has the instructions. 

Inside the box the lip créme is packaged in a clear plastic tube with a glossy black lid. The company name is printed in shiny silver writing, and the product is noted in black text. The back of the lip créme repeats the ingredients, company contact information and place of manufacture. 

Directions: With lips slightly parted, draw lip outline with applicator tip. Then, fill in space with smooth, thin layer. 

Unscrewing the lip crémes the first thing I notice is the scent of the product. They smell like blueberry muffins, they are gorgeous to smell. There is a really long applicator wand, and I can see that it is completely covered in liquid for a thorough coat. 

Switching the shades on my arm I’m surprised that the Antique Rose looks much darker than the Incognito – I would not have expected that from the boxes. I like both shades however, they seem quite neutral and easy to wear for a number of looks. 

Following the same order as throughout I’ve painted my top lip with the Antique Rose shade, and the bottom lip with Incognito. Both shades are really pigmented and delivery an enormous amount of colour to my lips – no one could ever accuse this of being subtle or wishes washy. Looking at the shade chart these shades both seem quite tame compared to some of the others that are available, so if they deliver this much colour I would love to see how the really bold shades swatch. 

The lip créme itself is really easy to apply. The liquid glides on to lips with ease, it’s not sticky or tacky. I used these lip crémes a few times before writing about them and they really don’t need a lip liner. You can line if you want to, but using the créme itself is totally sufficient as it’s packed full of colour. All I would say is take it slow around the outside, as the brush is full its really easy to wobble over the lip line in unintended spots, and as the lipstick is so pigmented it’s really obvious. I went around my lip line with makeup remover on a cotton wool bud very carefully afterwards, or if you are worried about your foundation you could run a little concealer around the edge to smoothen out the lines too (although be warned – this lipstick will stay in place longer than the concealer). 

If you get excited after applying the lip créme and start trying to drink etc. straight away this colour won’t last and will peel off into a mess. This also happened when I tried to apply multiple coats on a very hot day. I found that if I applied one coat, and gave the créme 5-10 minutes to dry the colour would last for hours. And I don’t just mean kiss proof. I put the lipstick on yesterday, and it survived the following: 

Taking my husband out for lunch. If you’re thinking salad or soup oh no, he wanted a carvery. It survived a beef dinner. 

Having a cup of tea and a chat with my father-in-law. Yes, I made a mess on the cup but remarkably my lipstick was still on.

Walking the Cliffs in the beautiful (and very hot sunshine) whilst eating an ice cream. I lost a lot of my makeup during that walk, but my lipstick was still fine.

In fact, it didn’t start to look like it needed topping up until after I’d cooked and eaten my evening meal. 

As with all lipsticks with staying power, you can feel it coating your lips, and it’s not a sensation that everyone will enjoy. If you don’t like the feeling you could try moisturising with a really good lip balm before applying the lip créme, but be sure to remove completely any excess balm before applying the créme otherwise it won’t stay. I use Blistex ‘Daily Defense Lip Conditioner’. Alternatively, you could apply a gloss over the top of the créme when it’s dry. The gloss will help your lips to slip over each other, which may make it feel a little less dry on your skin. 

Overall I am very happy with these Bellápierre lip crémes. I love the colours, they are lovely to use and they last really well. I need a little more practise at applying them inside the lines, but I enjoy using them so much I’m sure I’ll quickly get the hang of it. 

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